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Just for Fun…    

Simpsonized Sandy and Andy imageI can add something frivolous once in a while, right? This is a blog, after all.

I just couldn’t resist sharing the Simpsonized version of Andy and I - the powercouple behind NCDD. You can get your own Simpsonized image at if you’d like to.

This post is right in line with our goofy mood here today. Andy, Joy and I are starting to add our members to the new NCDD Members Network - an interactive members directory that, because it runs on social network software, allows our members to create groups, post news to their own blogs (everyone gets one!), upload photos from their programs, identify their Colleagues, etc. Working in the Members Network is fun, and we hope all of our members will find using the Network fun (and useful) as well!

We welcome you to go to to check out the new NCDD Members Network if you’re interested. And if you’re not already a member of NCDD, please join us today! Membership is affordable ($50 for individuals or $100 for organizations), and if you don’t have the money right now or just want to try it out for a while, you can join for free.

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