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You’re Invited… Leadership in a Self-Organizing World    

NCDD member Peggy Holman emailed me today, asking me to share this announcement with the network…

Many of us have been experimenting with new forms of organizing and leading for years and decades. Others are seeking new ways as the old practices are insufficient to the challenges they are facing. It’s time for us to gather to bring together our experiments, efforts, stories, wisdom, and questions.

Please join us for Leadership in a Self-organizing World –

We are convening May 14th through 17th at the beautiful Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, nestled in the Cascade foothills outside Leavenworth, Washington, about 2 hours from Seattle.

Harrison Owen, creator of Open Space Technology, will be joining us and launching his book Wave Rider: Leadership for High Performance in a Self Organizing World. Harrison uses the term “wave rider” to describe the kind of leadership and organizational/community capacity needed to survive and thrive. We’ll spend our time together pooling our collective learning about what “wave riding” is really looking like, what our pioneering efforts are showing us and what’s next.

An incredible cohort of learners, practitioners and pioneers are gathering in May to be part of this inquiry! Already involved and planning to attend are: Peggy Holman; Joel Levey; Tracy Patterson; Floyd Sheets; Catherine Crim; Candi Foon; Mark Jones; Jan Gray; Christy Lee-Engel; Susan Partnow; Teresa Posakony; Anne Stadler; Dale Nienow; Paul Gleiberman; Steven Wright; Jun Akutsu; John Engle; Gabriel Shirley; Tracy Robinson; Sue McNab; Iris Lemmer; Jerilyn Brusseau.

We hope YOU will be part of this too!

Register now, mark your calendar, and invite all your friends! For more information, visit

I look forward to seeing you there!


Peggy Holman
The Open Circle Company
15347 SE 49th Place
Bellevue, WA 98006

P.S. We’re getting started now by gathering stories, examples of the “new leadership” or pioneering endeavors that illuminate these principles of self-organization or new models of leadership and collaboration. If you have stories to share, post them at (instructions and password are in “Help”). Or send your stories to Anne Stadler ().

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