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New and renewed NCDD members for December    

NiceMeetingYou_colorizedI wanted to post a “new and renewed members” report for December 2009, with a special welcome to our 8 new December members and a huge thank you to the 32 existing members who renewed or transitioned from non-dues to dues-paying memberships. I plan to add a post like this every month in 2010, and hopefully earlier in the month than this starting in February…

NCDD is an open, inclusive network and, as such, membership dues are not required.  But in these tough economic times, support from our members is more needed and more appreciated than ever!

Please note that everyone below (and all our other members) are listed in the members network at with their contact info, bios, and sometimes photos, so feel free to look people and organizations up to learn more about them.  If you are a member of NCDD, you’ll find that your member page in the network includes a field called “member type” which will tell you if your dues are paid up, if you’ve lapsed, or if you are a non-dues-paying member. (Click here for payment details if you want to send in your dues, which are still only $50 for individuals and $100 for organizations.)

December was a great month for renewals, but a weak month for new memberships.  In December, NCDD gained 1 new organizational member, 7 new individual members (1 dues-paying and 6 non-dues-paying), 2 of our existing individual members became dues-paying members, and 30 of our dues-paying members renewed their memberships (22 organizations and 8 individuals)!

Our new organizational member is the Small Planet Institute (Contacts: Frances Moore Lappe, Julie Jensen and Brooke Ormond).

Our new dues-paying individual member is Sandra Holder, Assistant City Manager for the City of Carlsbad.

The two existing individual members who became dues-paying members are Muriel Strand, a practitioner based in Sacramento, California and Mark Warren, Professor and Harold & Dorrie Merilees Chair in the Study of Democracy in the University of British Columbia’s Department of Political Science

We gained 6 new individual NCDD members (non-dues):

1. Kees Voorberg at the Centre Dialogue and Society
2. Naomi Wolfe at North Island College
3. Ashar Johnson Khokhar at Notre Dame Institute of Education (NDIE)
4. Jennifer Allen, Whole Systems Design graduate based in Scappoose, Oregon
5. Amanda Kathryn Roman with the Transpartisan Alliance & Citizens in Charge Foundation
6. Kevin Dillon at Tufts University

In the month of December, 30 NCDDers renewed their memberships. 22 organizational members renewed, and those are (with contacts in parentheses):

1. Americans for the Arts (Pam Korza and Barbara Schaffer Bacon)
2. Ascentum (Megan Beahen, Manon Abud and Joseph Peters)
3. Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church (Landon Shultz)
4. California State University’s Center for Collaborative Policy (David Booher, Susan Sherry and William Leach)
5. The Co-Intelligence Institute (Tom Atlee and Adin Rogovin)
6. CogNexus Institute (Jeff Conklin)
7. Community Building Institute (Bill Potapchuk, Yvonne Green and Bill Schechter)
8. Community Mediation, Inc. (Chet Brodnicki, Hannah Gruhm Croasmun and Penny Rogers)
9. Deliberative Democracy Consortium (Matt Leighninger)
10. Fielding Graduate University’s Dialogue, Deliberation and Public Engagement Program (Jan Elliott and Katrina Rogers)
11. Institute for 21st Century Agoras (Kenneth Bausch, Alexander Christakis and Peter Jones)
12. Institute for Global Leadership (Virginia Swain, Sarah Syeed and Michael Britton)
13. Kearns & West (Janet Thomson, Briana Moseley and Eric Poncelet)
14. Mediation Matters (Peter Glassman, Esther Patterson and Sarah Rudgers Tysz)
15. Network for Peace through Dialogue (Virginia Dorgan)
16. The Project on Civic Reflection (Elizabeth Lynn, Debbie Garbukas and Deva Woodly)
17. Public Agenda (Will Friedman, Alison Kadlec, Laura Birnback and Isaac Rowlett)
18. The Public Dialogue Consortium (Shawn Spano, Kim Pearce and Stephen Littlejohn)
19. PublicDecisions (Beth Offenbacker and Paul Coelus)
20. The Taos Institute (Dawn Dole, Mary Gergen and Sheila McNamee)
21. Weisman Consulting, LLC (Paul Weisman and Michele Simos)
22. West Virginia Center for Civic Life (Betty Knighton, Jean Ambrose and Patricia O’Reilly)

And 8 people renewed as dues-paying individual members, and those are:

1. Mike Coombs at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Dept of Cognitive Science
2. Kenneth Cissna at the University of South Florida, Department of Communication
3. Julie Fanselow at Write the Change
4. Lorrie Janatopoulos at Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency (AEOA)
5. Charlie Pillsbury at Mediators Beyond Borders (MBB)
6. Mary Thompson at Corder/Thompson & Associates
7. Sue Woehrlin at Antioch University Seattle
8. Gill Wyatt at the Centre for Relational Living

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