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Need your feedback on NCDD blog categories    

I’ve been wanting to ask people who use the NCDD site what they think of the blog categories.  If you’re reading this on the NCDD blog ( if you’re reading this on Facebook or elsewhere), look in the left column and you’ll see all the categories listed in the second box titled “NCDD’s News & Perspectives.”

Andy’s working on a site redesign and though we love using a WordPress blog to manage most of our site content, we plan to simplify the site’s appearance A LOT so it’s not so text-heavy and there aren’t so many links everywhere.

We’ll be simplifying our blog categories considerably, and we’d love your feedback on what should stay and what should go.  Which of the categories (if any) do you tend to use?  Or do you never use the categories?  Would you be happy if we just kept the first set of categories under “D&D Community News” (educational opps, jobs, research, etc.)? Please add a comment and let us know (or email me at ).

We’d really appreciate your input on this!  Here’s all the current News & Perspectives blog categories…

NCDD’s News & Perspectives

Our blog keeps you in-the-know about what’s happening in the D&D community. There are 2216 total posts, so use these categories to hone in…

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Here's What Our First Commenter Had To Add...

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  1. Comment added by Sandy Heierbacher on February 24, 2010:

    Here’s the feedback I’ve gotten so far via email (please keep it coming!)…

    “I hate to say this…that although I do not use all of them, I would say they are all important…The reason why I say that is based on what I have noticed as important themes at your conferences…”

    - PJ Longoni

    “I read the NCDD blog mostly in my RSS reader and very rarely browse the website by category. However, I think categories and tags can be very valuable (great way to slice and dice your content archive).

    To review and update/modify the current categories can be a good exercise. But rather than getting rid of too many of them maybe just find a better way to expose them? They aren’t really in the way of anything.

    Take a look at your site metrics, too. Maybe there’s indication which categories are popular and which aren’t (which still may not be a good enough reason to cut them). ;-)

    Just my $0.02… ;-)

    - Tim Bonnemann

    “The categories look useful to me — perhaps i will use them starting in april when our book is published and i’ll be entering the world of blog!
    Thanks for asking.”

    - Delia Horwitz

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