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World e-Democracy Forum Program Now Online    

The World e-Democracy Forum, coming up October 3rd and 4th 2007 in France has just published its program online. During the conference, 69 speakers representing 21 countries will discuss about questions raised by the Internet explosion in our everyday lives, particularly by Web 2.0 phenomenon applied to democratic life and public services. Among the questions raised, the increased personalization of public services with examples of Norway and Canada, collaborative networks for innovation towards examples of French competitiveness clusters and European living labs, need to instill confidence to citizens and to adopt a collaborative approach about e-Governement’s projects, or actions to fight the digital divide The European eGovernet project will show the future face of e-Government and many concrete examples will illustrate what are mobile public services and we will treat of e-Voting in countries like Estonia or Switzerland. The Council of Europe will present the opinions carried out around tools for active and digital citizenship while consequences of the evolution of participative democracy from the blogosphere to Second Life will be discussed. For more information about the conference, or to browse the program, visit

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