NCDD 2002 Organizing Team

Content & Format Committee, Skill- and Knowledge-Building Sub-Committee:

Wally Clausen
A photo of Melissa Wade.

SCRC's Melissa Wade

Omowale T. Elson, Ph.D.
Amy Ladd
Matt Leighninger
Randy Ross (Chair)
Laurie Shiparski
A photo of Cricket White and Jim Snow.

Cricket White of Hope in the Cities and Jim Snow of George Mason University's ICAR program.

Jim Snow
Bob Stains
Aaron Traxler-Ballew
Jes?s Trevi?o, Ph.D.
Michael Weiksner

Community Building/Fostering Collaboration Sub-Committee:

Craig Alimo
Reena Bernards
David Campt
Beth Fisher-Yoshida
Paul Gorski (Chair)
A photo of Irene Kao.

Irene Kao holding up one of Elana Stanger's pieces from the conference.

Irene Kao
Kent Roberts
Lars Hasselblad Torres

Logistics & Amenities Committee:

Pat Eastwood
A photo of StrongHeart and Polly Riddims.

StrongHeart (left) and Polly Riddims were the logistical divas of the conference.

Polly Riddims (Chair)
Melissa Wade

Publicity Committee:

Katie Howard
Leslie Inman
Susanna McIlwaine
Nancy Polk
Attica Scott (Chair)
Lawrence Wofford
Michele Woods Jones

Reports & Evaluation Committee:

A photo of Eric Boyd.

Eric Boyd - at the bar and still working on evaluation forms!

Eric F. Boyd (Chair)
Nabil M. El-Khodari
Chip Hauss
Mary Jacksteit
Janetta Kearney
Susan Koscis
Theo. R. Leverenz, Ph.D.
Aliah Majon
Paul Wahrhaftig

Resources Committee:

Millicent Carvalho
James Knauer
Ernesto Mejia
Jen Murphy
Susan Myers
Stacie Walton, M.D. (Chair)
Saadia Williams
Rosa Zubizarreta


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