Things You Can Do Before the Conference

There are a variety of ways to get involved in the conference. Many people have joined the planning team, become partners or co-sponsors of the conference, signed up to receive updates, donated to the scholarship fund, and more. At this late date, we want to focus here on opportunities for pre-conference networking.

Start Networking Now

Post your bio, determine who you want to be sure to meet up with, etc.

On the Ncdd Wiki (collaborative workspace), we are encouraging people to post short bios about themselves, emphasizing (if they want to) areas in which they are interested in networking or collaborating with others. Please add your bio to this page (just click "edit page" at the bottom of the page) or send your bio to Jim Knauer () and he'll add it.

You may want to add/send us a brief description of your work and your interests if:

Propose a topic for Saturday's Networking Reception

Are you interested in networking with other people who focus on the issue you do, who use the model you do, who work in the same arena as you, who live in your area, who share your concerns about the field? Who do you want to make sure you meet at the conference? On the evening of Saturday, October 23 at the conference, we will have an hour and a half for some structured and not-so-structured networking. This will be a participant-run session, and you are responsible for proposing the topics that most interest you. Go to the Ncdd Wiki to add your topic, or email Jim Knauer () with your proposed topic and he'll add it. Or click on the Ncdd Wiki link to just look over what others have proposed so far.

Share your reasons for coming, find a roommate, etc.

On NCDD's Thataway Forum, you can share your reasons for coming to the conference with other conference participants (and what drew you to dialogue & deliberation altogether), you can find someone to share a hotel room with to cut costs, and you can post whatever questions, comments, ideas, complaints, etc. you have about the conference.

We urge you to visit the Forum, register so that you can add posts, and visit the category called "2004 NCDD Conference." There are also many more categories you may be interested in exploring, and over 100 thought-provoking posts.

Other Things You Can Do Now...


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