The Conference Planning Team

A dedicated group of people came together to plan the second National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation in an open, collaborative way.

Key Players on the Planning Team

Paul K. Alexander

Director of the Institute for the Common Good at Regis University and Site Liaison for NCDD 2004

Andy Fluke

Creative Director for the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation and the 2004 Conference

Sandy Heierbacher

Convenor of the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation and Director of the 2004 Conference

Leilani Rashida Henry

President of Being and Living Enterprises and Facilitator of the Design Team for NCDD 2004

Najeeba Syeed Miller

Executive Director of the Western Justice Center and Facilitator of the Diversity Team for NCDD 2004

Polly Riddims

Partner, Fusion Partnerships, Inc., and Facilitator of the Logistics Team for NCDD 2004

Scott Russell

Associate Vice President of HNTB Corporation and Facilitator of the Public Relations Team for NCDD 2004

Miriam Wyman

Principal Consultant, Practicum Limited and Facilitator of the Assessment Team for NCDD 2004

Entire 2004 Conference Planning Team

The members of the Core Planning Team would like to acknowledge the invaluable support of the following additional members of the planning team:

Reena Bernards, Dialogue Project
SY Bowland, Practitioner-Scholar Research Institute (PRASI)
Michael Briand, The Institute for Democratic Dialogue and Deliberation
Susan S. Clark, Common Knowledge
Tim Erickson, Politalk
Bill Fulton, Colorado Civic Canopy
Maribeth Goodman, The Goodman Group, Inc.
Scott C. Hammond, School of Business - Utah Valley State College
Maggie Herzig, Public Conversations Project
Katie Howard, Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center
Les Ihara, Jr., Hawaii State Senate
Michele Woods Jones, Cobb & Henry Consulting Division
Irene Kao, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, University of New Hampshire
Miki Kashtan, Center for Nonviolent Communication and Bay NVC
Beth Katz, University of Michigan
Ron Kertzner, ChoicePoint Consulting, Inc.
James T. Knauer, Pennsylvania Center for Civic Life
Pam Korza, Americans for the Arts
Leah Lamb, The Performance Initiative
Theo. R. Leverenz, EPPA Consulting
Ben Levi, Levi Consulting Group
Stephani Roy McCallum, Circle Associates
Diane Miller, Envision Central Texas
Jen Murphy, Building Collaborative Solutions, Inc.
Anne Neal, Vision-Mission-Strategy, Inc.
Phil Neisser, SUNY Potsdam
Kenoli Oleari, Horizons of Change
Julie Pratt, Prevent Child Abuse West Virginia
Barbara Schaeffer Bacon, Americans for the Arts
Attica Scott, Kentucky Jobs with Justice
Ray Seigfried, Christiana Care Health System
Barry Sherman, The Intentional Living Institute
Susan Skjei, SaneSystems
Elana Felice Stanger, Diversity Arts
Anne Rogers, Forum on Restorative Community Justice
Mary Adams Trujillo, Practitioner-Scholar Research Institute (PRASI)
Nikki Weinstein, FOCUS St. Louis
Patricia Wilson, Graduate Program in Community & Regional Planning, University of Texas
Sandra Zagon, Public Involvement Consultant/Research Associate


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