2004 National Conference Satisfaction Survey

If you attended the 2004 conference, but didn't get the chance to submit a completed Satisfaction Survey, please take a minute to complete this form. Your feedback is very important to us!

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Concerning the conference content:

The conference provided a good blend of formats (plenary, small group, presentation, arts-based, etc).
???Yes? ??No?

The conference provided a good blend of theory and practice.

The conference provided sufficient opportunities to learn about D&D innovations and best practices.

Comments/suggestions for next time:

Please rate specific elements of the conference:

Please rate the effectiveness (in terms of your own learning, enjoyment, networking opportunities ? whatever you value) of the following programs/events:

Networking reception on Saturday evening ??

World Caf? on Saturday evening ??

Reflective Panel on D&D on Sunday morning ??

Self-organizing evening out w/ colleagues on Sunday ??

Playback Theatre on Monday morning ??

Modified Open Space on Monday ??

Integration Groups that met over lunch ??

2-hour workshops you attended ??

3-hour workshop you attended ??

Overall conference experience ??

Please rate the effectiveness of the following logistical elements:

On-site registration & check-in process ??

Conference geographic location ??

Conference setting & facilities ??

Conference guidebook ??

Quality of conference resource tables/exhibits ??

Usefulness of website in preparing for the conference ??

Quantity & quality of available materials & resources ??

Planning team response to logistics issues ??

Overall rating of conference logistics ??

The conference was most important to me because it provided:

(check all that apply)

?? Inspiring speakers and presentations.

?? Opportunities to experience dialogue and deliberation.

?? Opportunities to connect/network with others.

?? Information about innovations in deliberation & dialogue.

?? Opportunities to share my mistakes and gather constructive comments.

?? Opportunities to share my knowledge and experiences.

?? Opportunities to examine key issues facing the field.

?? Time to explore questions and develop knowledge.

?? Spectrum of dialogue & deliberation practices.

?? Valuable ?how to? information and skill-building opportunities.

Participants? Narrative:

To help speed up the assessment process, please keep your responses brief:

What did you think was the best feature of the conference? Why?

What did you think was the worst feature of the conference? Why?

What, if any, key challenges facing our field did the conference help you and other participants to identify and/or begin addressing?

If you discussed or developed any new partnerships or collaborations with other conference participants, please share with us what you will or may be doing.

Did the conference meet your personal expectations?

Additional comments:

Please rate the conference goals:

The conference helped develop greater cohesion and community among members of the D&D community, and built relationships within the field.


Participants had ample opportunities to develop collective knowledge and share considerable information.


Participants had ample opportunities to improve their skills in facilitating and organizing dialogic & deliberative processes.


The conference helped build an understanding of how the D&D community can have greater impact on the challenging issues of our time.


The conference helped identify the strengths of the dialogue and deliberation community.


The conference helped identify the challenges facing the dialogue and deliberation community.


The conference helped me develop an understanding of what I need to know & do to enhance my capacity to do this work.


Thank you for your comments. They are important for the Conference Planning Team, for all of you, and for the future of dialogue and deliberation.


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