The Network of Alliances Bridging Race & Ethnicity

NABRE (pronounced "neighbor"), an initiative of the 32-year old Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, is a network of community-based organizations working across the country to bridge racial and ethnic divisions. Through dialogue, community improvement projects, school and club exchanges, joint worship services, and other activities, these organizations all work to create more just, inclusive and peaceful communities.

Through their web site, NABRE enables leaders of its member organizations to communicate with their colleagues across the country through online seminars and chat rooms and provides them with access to information and resources designed to support their efforts. NABRE also plans a series of regional workshops to bring people face to face with each other so that they may become more comfortable with each other when they meet in cyberspace. Both this interactive web site and the regional workshops enable local leaders to share experiences and ideas, support and sustain each other, and expand and broaden the base of support for their activities.

Although NABRE focuses on the issue of race, and the conference is not focused on racial issues, it was asked to be the project's fiscal agent because of its strong commitment to and support of dialogue, its efforts to help build and sustain more livable, vibrant and just communities and its lack of strong bias toward any particular dialogue models or tools.

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