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Talking About Technology...

We hear people talk about wikis, blogs, podcasts and social networks everyday. We hear about them on the news, at work and listen to our kids or their friends talk about them with ease. Our technologically-abled peers encourage us to use them all the time, but what are they? What is RSS or AJAX or XML? And what does it have to do with dialogue & deliberation?

Focusing on internet technology and answering some of these questions is an important goal for us this year and we are very excited to announce a partnership with the founder of BrainJam, Chris Heuer. Chris is going to invite several of his peers to engage with us in a conversation on technology and how we can use it to enhance our work. If you have any questions about this program, you are welcome to contact NCDD's creative director and webmaster, Andy Fluke ([email protected]). Here's the official announcement...

New Registration Fee: $25

The fee for our BrainJam Event has been dropped to $25 because we just learned that we won't be able to serve lunch during the event. We will be providing information about the many options available for lunch within a block of the venue. Anyone who has already registered and paid the original $50 fee will receive a refund and will be contacted before the event by email.

BrainJam: A Conversation On Technology

On August 3rd, 2006, the National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation will host BrainJam!: A Conversation on Technology presented by Chris Heuer, founder of BrainJam Workshops and Beth Kanter, Nonprofit Technology Consultant . This all-day exploration of online technology and how it can be used by practitioners of dialogue & deliberation to enhance their work, offers an opportunity to learn directly from technologists who will join us for a day of demonstrations and conversations. These technologists, leaders in the cutting edge online technology often referred to as Web 2.0, will offer their expertise on a wide array of networking and collaboration tools (including Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts, Online Workspaces and Social Networks) through BrainJam’s signature "12 Five Minute Meetings" as well as a broader conversation using the World Café.

With the goal of examining the opportunities provided by the many freely available Web 2.0 tools for both individuals and organizations, our BrainJam will explore several themes including:

  1. Why is having a basic understanding of the power of the internet more important than ever? Especially, with the impact that social networking and online collaboration is having on our day-to-day use of the web.
  2. How can both individuals and organizations take full advantage of these cutting-edge tools and their capacity for social change, storytelling and information gathering? An introduction to the most commonly used Web 2.0 tools and the potential they bring to our field.
  3. How can we build online communities that support real world counterparts? Considerations on how to use online tools to support our real world work.

Specifically designed for beginners and seasoned internet users alike, this conversation is part of NCDD's pre-conference activities and can be registered for on the NCDD 2006 Registration form (BrainJam participants who will not attend the NCDD conference may still use this form to register for the workshop). Conference participants who have already registered but who wish to attend the BrainJam should contact Joy Garman ([email protected]) with their interest. The BrainJam will be held from 9am to 5pm at the Renaissance Parc 55 in downtown San Francisco. More information about the 2006 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation can be found at

Photo of Chris Heuer

More About Chris Heuer and BrainJam

BrainJams is a non-profit that fosters conversations between diverse groups of people about the practical uses of computer technology and social media. Chris Heuer, founder of the BrainJams Workshop, has over 12 years of entrepreneurial Internet experience and 16+ years of marketing experience, having previously taught classes at Miami Ad School in Web design and convergence marketing. He currently specializes in consulting on holistic business strategy and social media for big brands, non-profits and emerging technology companies, helping them leverage the power of Internet and Web 2.0 technologies. In early 2006, Chris formed BrainJams to organize resources and best practices in the emerging "Unconference" movement, striving to bring social media tools and Open Space gatherings to a wider audience. For more information, please see or visit

Photo of Beth Kanter

More About Beth Kanter

Beth Kanter is a nonprofit technology consultant working with nonprofit organizations in the areas of training, planning, research, curriculum development and evaluation. She has worked in the nonprofit sector for 25 years, beginning her work with nonprofit arts organizations. You can learn more about Beth’s work at and her blog, Beth’s Blog

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