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An Open Evening of Great Conversation

Pre-Conference Conversation Caf? and Training

Join us on Thursday night, the day before the conference begins, for a short training in the Conversation Caf? process followed by an actual Conversation Caf? that is open to the public.

The training will begin at 6:15 pm in the Barcelona II room on the 3rd floor of the conference hotel ?– the Renaissance Parc 55. The training will last until 7:30, at which time we?’ll begin our 90-minute Conversation Caf? that is open to the public. Coffee and sweets will be provided for the event, and you should feel free to just show up at 7:30 for the dialogue.

NCDD Steering Committee member Susan Partnow, co-founder of Conversation Caf?, will lead the training and host the dialogue with the help of the newly-trained Caf? hosts. The Conversation Caf? will focus on the role of dialogue in a democracy.

What are Conversation Caf?s?

Conversation Caf?s are open, hosted conversations among diverse people on topics that matter.  The simple structure provides a meeting ground where "we-the-people" can come together to listen speak, ask and learn, without being forced to agree, change or bite our tongues. Be part of one - and see what democracy feels like. Learn more at

Why Open this Event to the Public?

The National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation initially formed to unite and strengthen an important, emerging community of practice: the dialogue & deliberation community. Within the past year or so, NCDD has been looking outside of the community, asking questions such as "How can we help people, organizations, government officials, and others recognize the importance of these processes?" and "How can we help people figure out how to get started in this work?"

As NCDD begins to take on the role of promoting and advocating for the power of dialogue and deliberation processes to address a wide range of public and interpersonal challenges, raising awareness of dialogue & deliberation is key. The 2006 NCDD conference in San Francisco presents an opportunity to educate residents of the Bay area about the value of dialogue and its vital, essential contribution to genuine democracy.  Thanks to Susan Partnow and Conversation Caf?, we are able to hold a public event on the eve of the conference, connecting with the community and enabling the "voice of the people" to be heard and amplified through meaningful conversation.

Email Susan Partnow at if you have questions about this event or would like to help out. We hope to see you there!

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