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Every website these days seems to have a links page. And why not? The web has now grown beyond the comprehension of the individual and its convenient to have the help of others when seeking information on specific topics. Unfortunately, this page isn't going to help there.

Unlike, say, a site about collecting garden gnomes which has a detailed links page about where to find more information, our links page is more like a travel guide to a foreign country. It refers not to many different subjects, but to many different "destinations" determined not by a common theme but by an encouraged goal... to see and do something new.

Please enjoy this page for its intent and visit when you have a moment to explore. We've just begun to build this section of the site, but there will be plenty more destinations in the coming weeks.

NOVEMBER 2001: "Looking Up"

What's the Moon doing today...
added 10/29/01

It's a shame that our culture has removed the moon from our life as much as it has. Even the sun is favored no longer, with alarm clocks dictating our regimes instead. The moon used to be our calendar:? beautiful, predictable and very practical. Now our streetlamps are brighter, the headlights on our vehicles our brighter, even our flashlights are brighter. The wonder we knew as an agricultural people has drained from our modern fast-food societies. Take a minute this week and go in search of your own moon. Not the moon dotted in astronaut footprints, but the one that casts wondrous shadows on your soul.

times noted on right are in UTC, please adjust for your local time (-5:00 for EST, etc)

The search will be worth it.

A Very Good Moon Site ?" ?Moon Links at NASA ?"? Search for the Moon at


Tickle Your Intergalactic Funny Bone...
added 11/21/01

When I was a teenager I was addicted to science fiction, even more than I was addicted to science fact (though it was a close second). These days my reading is a bit more down to earth (I've been absorbing books on Corvids...I really recommend Ravens In Winter) but I still have a soft spot for a good sci-fi yarn, though rarely have the time for them. Until now.

I stumbled upon a really funny online, sci-fi comic strip over the weekend. You'll need some understanding of the devices of science fiction to appreciate it fully but if you are or were a junkie like I was this is definitely what you would call a fix. Its called Schlock Mercenary and its penned by Howard Tayler, a sci-fi fan with a flair for puns and magic marker tattoos. It's simply GREAT STUFF! Check it out.

Who needs an Attack of the Clones? And what the hell is a "clone", anyway?

See If You Can Find Out What A Clone Is ?" ?Search for Sci-fi Comics at

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