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More on The Tao of Democracy

The Tao of Democracy re-visions democracy as something we can do that's vibrantly alive and refreshingly workable. It details how to increase the capacity of "We the People" to see where we're going and to govern ourselves wisely. It shows how we can move beyond unproductive battles to co-create futures that make sense.

In The Tao of Democracy you will find new collaborative and holistic forms of politics and activism; proven ways to bring wisdom to governance; a vision of healthy democracies we can use to create decent, sustainable cultures; stories of ordinary people discovering exhilarating forms of citizenship together; and dozens of little-known, powerful approaches to dialogue, deliberation and transformation.

You'll find books, organizations and websites where you can learn more and take action. You'll find new perspectives filled with hope and positive possibility.

What is Co-intelligence?

Co-intelligence is the capacity to weave unity and diversity into a shared life that works for all. We see it in natural ecosystems and in healthy relationships, groups, organizations and communities. Co-intelligence usually involves deeply listening to each other. With innovative democratic institutions such as those described in The Tao of Democracy we can enhance the co-intelligence of whole societies.

Various Ways to Order

Through your local Bookstore:

The Tao of Democracy is published by The Writers Collective and its ISBN number is 1-932133-47-X.

Through the mail:

Send your name and address and a check or money order made out to "Co-Intelligence Institute." For the first copy send $15.95 plus $4.50 shipping in the US and Canada; Mexico $7.00 shipping; most other countries $15.00. (Shipping for additional copies to the same address will be $2.00 each copy for US and Canada; $5.00 each for other countries).? Mail to: Tao of Democracy, The Co-Intelligence Institute, P.O. Box 493, Eugene, OR 97440.

By email:

In the US and Canada, if you want to use your credit card, you can email your name, address and telephone number to . You can include your credit card information or, for greater security, ask to be called for your credit card information.

Online order form:

With your credit card you can use the secure order form at www.taoofdemocracy.com/order.html

Table of Contents
(the starred chapters (*) are available for you to read at www.taoofdemocracy.com )

Prologue: Co-intelligence wakes up in a fertilizer factory *

Introduction: Exploring this book *

Section I: An Overview of Co-Intelligence
- 1 What is co-intelligence?
- 2 Tales and commentaries
- 3 Wholeness, interconnectedness, and co-creativity
- 4 Resonant intelligence

Section II: Making a Whole Difference Together
- 5 Reaching beyond adversarial activism
- 6 Collective intelligence *
- 7 Ways to have real dialogue
- 8 Other approaches to co-intelligence
- 9 The list goes on ...

Section III: Creating a Wise Democracy
- 10 Democracy and wholeness
- 11 Cooperative and holistic politics
- 12 The Canadian experiment
- 13 Citizens deliberate about public issues
- 14 Citizen deliberative councils

Section IV: Citizenship Toward a Wiser Civilization
- 15 Citizenship meets complexxity
- 16 More approaches to deliberative democracy
- 17 The emerging culture of dialogue
- 18 Consensus: manipulation or magic?
- 19 Co-Intelligent citizenship and activism
- 20 The Tao of democracy


What you can do


Bibliography *

Index *

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