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National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation
October 4-6, 2002
(added June 6, 2002)

An exciting grassroots initiative has emerged out of a need for dialogue practitioners to share strategies, experience one anothers models, and help mold the future of the dialogue process. A growing coalition of leaders in the dialogue community representing a wide variety of dialogue programs, models, topics and applications has collaborated to plan and design a National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation.

The first of its kind, this conference will bring together dialogue leaders in a welcoming, respectful and informal atmosphere in order to work towards five goals: defining and clarifying our work and our field, knowledge-building and sharing information, building skills, meeting and getting to know our colleagues in the field, and initiating collaborative projects.

The event will provide dialogue practitioners with the opportunity to learn about and experience a variety of dialogue models. At the same time, the conference will help to ensure, develop and strengthen the future of the dialogue process and the dialogue community by examining the field as a whole, assessing what work needs to be done to ensure its growth, and creating the infrastructure that is needed to get the work accomplished.

This event is sponsored by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and will take place October 4-6, 2002, at the Radisson Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia.

You can read the conference's summary proposal at http://www.thataway.org/conference/, future home to the conference website, and if you are interested in receiving updates or becoming involved, please fill out the form below or contact Sandy Heierbacher, the conference director, at .


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Want to Become More Media Savvy?
(added March 1, 2002)

Improved media coverage can help your dialogue program gain community support, recognition, participants and even funding. For a list of great links to tools and resources to help you build relationships with media organizations, check out the Media Relations Project of the Benton Foundation's Communications Capacity Building Program.


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Want to become more media savvy?

"I see?…dialogue as a chance for people of different cultures and traditions to get to know each other better, whether they live on opposite sides of the world or on the same street."
-Kofi Annan (UN Secretary General)

"People become the stories they hear and the stories they tell."
-Elie Wiesel

"An enemy is one whose story we have not heard."
-Mrs. Gene Knudsen-Hoffman

"It is our task-our essential, central, crucial task-to transform ourselves from mere social creatures into community creatures."
M. Scott Peck

Understand the differences; act on the commonalities.
-Andrew Masondo,
African National Congress

Current Issues
Currently featuring some of the best Sept. 11- and Isreal/Palestinian- related resources available for dialogue leaders, educators and peacebuilders.

Why Engage in Dialogue?
Powerful, straightforward reasons quoted from leaders in the dialogue community.

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