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A small group of practitioners and leaders in the intergroup dialogue field began talking this summer about organizing a networking, information-sharing, and strategizing event for others like us, who are curious about other dialogue models and strategies out there, interested in sharing what we, ourselves, have learned, and concerned about the seeming disconnect in the dialogue field.

After others joined us in the discussion, it became evident that each of us had different ideas, needs and visions for the event. In order to create some clarity about what ways dialogue practitioners could really benefit from such an event - and whether or not there is a demand for an event like this - we designed a needs assessment, and invited dialogue facilitators, organizers, researchers, students and participants to complete an online survey.

115 people from throughout the dialogue community honored us by completing the survey, and the results are both interesting and informative.

We welcome you to utilize the survey information (just let us know, and email for an MS Word version), and we look forward to more informed planning as a result of this survey.

Reena Bernards, The Dialogue Project
Laurie Bezold, Fusion Partnerships, Inc.
David Campt, Hope in the Cities
Karen Ettinger, MultiCultural Resource Center of Portland
Lindsey Godwin, George Mason University's Dispute Resolution Project
Chip Hauss, Search for Common Ground USA
Sandy Heierbacher, Dialogue to Action Initiative
Maggie Herzig, Public Conversations Project
Michele Woods Jones, Citizens' Unity Commission
Jen Murphy, Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution at George Mason Univ.
Vivian Paige, Norfolk United Facing Race
Maggie Potapchuk, NABRE (Network of Alliances Bridging Race & Ethnicity)
Randy Ross, New Jersey Office of Bias Crime and Community Relations
David Schoem, University of Michigan
Jim Snow, Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution at George Mason Univ.
Niki Toussaint, Oregon Uniting
Toni Tucker, Dayton Dialogue on Race Relations
Melissa Wade, Study Circles Resource Center / Congressional Exchange
Mike Wenger, NABRE (Network of Alliances Bridging Race & Ethnicity)
Cricket White, Hope in the Cities

If you would like us to keep you posted on our progress, please fill out the information on the updates page, or email .