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The following is a list of the pages that make up this site:

Entry Page
This is the site's beginning point. When in doubt, start here.

About Us
Learn about our mission, how we came to be, our future plans, contact info, etc.

This is a growing list of supporters of our site. We also have created a page of comments sent to us by visitors and invite you to offer your own feedback. This is also where you can find info on how to link to us.

Site Map
That's this page.

How You Can Help
The site is growing faster than our small two-person staff can keep up with. There are several ways you can help this site continue to grow and they are detailed on this page.

The Dialogue to Action Initiative's Community

The Dialogue to Action Initiative's Community section has been a very popular addition to the Dialogue to Action Initiative site. Premiering in April 2001, it has provided new resources, events, opportunities and ideas for the dialogue community on a monthly basis. Although formerly packed into one page, the Community section is now broken down into three useful pages:

Community Page
The main Community Page features up-to-date resources, opportunities and ideas for the dialogue community.

Events Calendar
Our ever-expanding calendar features conferences, trainings, action events and other time-specific opportunities for dialogue leaders.

In The Media
Featuring material from online and offline news sources, excerpts from periodicals and tips for working with and utilizing the media, In The Media is an attempt to track where dialogue is getting attention - and help dialogue programs gain recognition in their communities and beyond.

Organizing a Dialogue

The information provided in the Organizing a Dialogue section can help you organize an effective dialogue.

Why Engage in Dialogue?
Don't undestimate the impact of the dialogue process. Here are some powerful reasons to run a dialogue program, quoted from dialogue organizations and leaders.

What is Dialogue?
Dialogue is much more than just talk. Learn about who uses dialogue and why, and what makes dialogue so effective.

A Sample Dialogue
Examine a thorough four-session sample dialogue that was designed to be used in national service training programs.

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are honest answers to some of the most common questions people have about organizing a dialogue.

Dialogue Models
Comparative information on a variety of different dialogue models, and resources that you can utilize depending on which model you determine is right for you.

To Do List
Not sure where to start? Look over this checklist for concrete steps you can take in organizing a dialogue program.

Integrating Dialogue with Action

Integrating Dialogue with Action: Participants in dialogues on race develop a strong desire to take action based on what they learn about the inequities that still exist in their communities. You can pave the way for them by examining this section and utilizing the 9 strategies that are outlined.

Dialogue for Change
How & why dialogue naturally leads to action.

About Action
What do we mean by action exactly? What types of action do dialogue groups tend to take?

The Problem
Dialogue leads to action&or does it?
What are the barriers that too often prevent dialogue groups from taking effective action?

Strategies for integrating dialogue with community action.

Conclusion and suggestions for further research.

Resources & Perspectives

Our most popular section is the Resources & Perspectives section, which provides a wealth of well-organized links, videos, books and articles, and access to professional research results available for your perusal.

Most Highly Recommended Resources
Pressed for time, or not sure where to start? Here are the most highly recommended resources from each of the following categories.

Organizations to Contact
You're not on your own... These organizations will provide you with training, advice and resources.

"How-to Resources" to Help You Get a Dialogue Started
Don't reinvent the wheel! These publications will take you through the process step by step, and give you plenty of ideas.

Build Dialogue-Related Skills
Need to improve your facilitation skills? Need training ideas? Interested in practical ways to build community or foster social change?

Learn More About Dialogue
Not how-to books, these resources help you understand why intergroup dialogue works, who practices it, what its history is, and what the theory is behind dialogue.

Current Issues You Care About
Currently featuring some of the best Sept. 11-related resources available for dialogue leaders, educators and peacebuilders.

Listservs, E-Newsletters and Similar Resources
Dozens of invaluable resources, with instructions for subscribing and submitting information.

Links to Related Web Sites
Hundreds of annotated links, organized into categories such as Dialogue Resources, Conflict Transformation, Groups that Organize Dialogues and Social Change.

Videos that Stimulate Discussion and Inspire Action
The best dialogue and intergroup relations videos available, with ordering and pricing info, and detailed descriptions. A listing of human relations video clearinghouses is also provided.

Great Materials About Race and Racism in America
Terrific resources about the U.S.'s most common dialogue topic. Categorized into General, Racial Identity Development and Whiteness/White Privilege topics.

Resources for Teachers and Trainers
A plethora of multicultural education and conflict resolution resources designed for teachers.

Finally, we have included a new Downloads page for material we would like to share directly. This page will be constantly growing to include reports, theses, articles and other documents of interest to dialogue organizers, facilitators and researchers.

The Dialogue Leaders Email Discussion List

The Dialogue Leaders Email Discussion List welcomes all dialogue organizers, facilitators and researchers who are interested in having easy access to over 125 of their peers throughout the country. The purpose of the discussion list is to provide a forum for sharing information of interest to the dialogue field (events, strategies, resources, etc.) and networking with people who are doing similar work in different communities. We believe the Dialogue Leaders list to be the only discussion list that was developed for dialogue networking and information sharing regardless of dialogue model or topic.

The Dialogue to Action Initiative and www.Thataway.org are ?2001 by Sandy Heierbacher and Andy Fluke.
Last updated Thursday, January 10, 2002 7:08 AM