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A Collective Thank You

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The following incomplete list is our attempt to collectively return the favor to the many online programs that have been kind enough to mention us in their newsletters or on their links pages. This list is new to our site and only lists the most current instances we have found in our latest search or received via email. Thank you to all of the organizations which have mentioned our program on their sites and in their newsletters. If we have forgotten to include you here, please remind us at .

Association of American Colleges and Universities
Resources page from their Knowledge Net
Engaging Diversity as a Societal Commitment

Communications: media & networks
Effective Governance

Communication Initiative
Program Descriptions


Conflict, Developement and Peace Network (CODEP)
CODEP Email Newsletter NO. 49

Diversity Web
Related Sites
Student Involvement & Development: Inter / Intra Group Relations
Electronic Resources

The Drum Beat, The Communication Initiative
Issue #120 November 19 2001

Eastern Mennonite University, Conflict Transformation Program
Beyond September 11 - Other organizational links:

Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy
Current Events page

Intergroup Relations Center, Arizona State University
Diversity information links page
(click here)

National Service Resource Center, Corporation for National Service
Resource Library

Public Conversations Project
Related Links

Race Matters.org

San Francisco Bay Area School for International Training Alumni Site
Alumni links:

Study Circles Resource Center
New and Links pages

Teaching Democracy
Resources on Public Deliberation

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Affirmative Action & Diversity resources

Union of International Associations
Selected Websites on Dialogue

New Mississippi
Links & Resources

Wabash Center
Guide to Internet Resources for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion

Connecticut College
Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy
Resources Civic Participation
http://camel.conncoll.edu/academics/centers /hollerancenter/resources.html

University of Minnesota
Human Rights Library

University of Pennsylvanias Center for Greater Philadelphia
Diversity Resources

Link to Us

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The images are designed to work both on light and dark backgrounds and will appear as a white box with rounded corners on dark backgrounds.

Please have the link point to:??http://www.thataway.org/dialogue/ for all general links and, again if you have room, please include the general link along with any specific links to other Dialogue to Action Initiative pages. ?Thanks so much!

Here is a short description of the Initiative:
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The Dialogue to Action Initiative provides info to dialogue organizers, facilitators, and researchers about organizing dialogues and enabling groups to move effectively from dialogue to community action. The site also offers an extensive resources section, a regularly-updated Community section with new info (resources, ideas, opportunities, etc.) of interest to the intergroup dialogue field, an email discussion list for dialogue leaders.
The Dialogue to Action Initiative and www.Thataway.org are ?2001 by Sandy Heierbacher and Andy Fluke.
Last updated Monday, May 20, 2002 3:41 PM