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Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Dialogue to Action Initiative.

Since going online in 1998, we have grown from a modest project for the Corporation for National Service into a globally-oriented resource for the intergroup dialogue community. Incorporating information from numerous sources, online and off, with our own research, we have received significant attention from the many local, national and international organizations that use and promote dialogue for a variety of purposes. We are currently an independent and self-funded two-person project with a determination to assist the dialogue movement in its continued growth and success.

Our goal is simple: to provide the resources and network needed to help dialogue practitioners do their best work.

But as we grow, and the demands on our site grow, we find that we need assistance from the dialogue community. Here are a few ways you can help...

Provide Us With Information On New Resources:

As the movement continues to gain support from institutions nationwide, the number of resources (publications, programs using or supporting dialogue, events, news, etc.) continue to grow faster than our small two-person staff can keep up with them. If you know of a resource that should be included on our site, please let us know by sending an email to .

Link to Us:

Help us get the word out about our project by including a permanent link to the Dialogue to Action Initiative on your organization's website. We'll be happy to acknowledge your link on our "Link to Us" page so visitors to our site can visit you as well. Click here to learn more.

Send Us Photos:

Here's a way you can help us make our site better, and increase awareness of your work at the same time. We would like to feature your dialogue(s) on our site with a photo placed in a prominent location within the site and accompanied by a caption detailing your work and the names of the people featured. Also the photo would be a link to your website or connected to another link of your choosing. Mail photos to PO Box 402, Brattleboro, VT 05302 or email digital pictures to . We'll mail the pictures back to you once we've scanned them in.

Tell Us About Available Grants & Other Funding Possibilities:

The Dialogue to Action Initiative has quadrupled in size (in both usage and resources) in the past eight months alone, and we are beginning to acknowledge the need to expand this project to meet these demands. The costs for keeping this site online comes from our own pockets. But this will have to change if we have any hope of keeping up with its growth. With this in mind, we are seeking funding to support this project. Please contact Sandy Heierbacher, the Initiative's Coordinator, at , if you know of any available and appropriate funding opportunities - or have any advice or assistance to offer.

Donate to the Dialogue to Action Initiative:

As explained above, the Dialogue to Action Initiative is growing beyond our means to support it on our own. We will very happily accept donations from groups or individuals who would like to see the continued growth of this website and the resources it contains. Please email if you would like to help, or mail your donation to the Dialogue to Action Initiative, PO Box 402, Brattleboro, VT 05302.

Allow Us to House Your Research:

If you've written an article, administered a survey or even written a thesis on an aspect of dialogue, consider allowing us to house your work on our site. We have much more space available to grow, and want to provide the dialogue community with as much new and useful information as possible. Any information you provide will include information about you and any links or contact information you specify.

Thank you,

Sandy Heierbacher
Dialogue to Action Initiative

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