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Dialogue Leaders Email Discussion List

? Description of the Dialogue Leaders List

? Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Dialogue Leaders List?

The purpose of this discussion list is to provide a forum for sharing practical information of interest to leaders in the dialogue community and for networking with people who are doing similar work in different communities.

The Dialogue Leaders discussion list welcomes all dialogue organizers, facilitators, and researchers who are interested in joining an ongoing online forum.

Subscribers are encouraged to post practical, useful information of interest to practitioners and theorists in the dialogue community, including:

  • Information about conferences, events, trainings, etc.
  • Observations from ongoing dialogues.
  • New resources (books, videos, websites, etc.).
  • Job information and funding opportunities for dialogue practitioners.
  • Relevant educational opportunities.
  • Networking information and inquiries.
  • Inquiries about problems you are having with your dialogue program.

Subscribers to Dialogue Leaders are also - and especially - encouraged to tell the list about your organization, its strategies and the resources and services it provides.

This email discussion list is not an attempt at 'online dialogue.' It is a resource which was developed to keep researchers and practitioners in the dialogue community informed about events, innovations and opportunities in the field.

Dialogue Leaders subscribers are expected to adhere to the following ground rules for posting:

  • Please do not send more than one message each day, or a few each week.
  • Try to keep your messages fairly concise and professional.
  • If you'd like to respond to an individual's post in a way that will probably not be helpful to the entire list, please reply directly to the person who wrote the email.
  • Be as clear as possible as to what your message is about in the subject line. Replace the 'Re: Old Topic' in the subject line if you are not responding to the content of the message.
  • Specify at the top of your message any additional information that the reader might need in order to determine whether or not your post is useful to them (ex: when forwarding an article, say something like "This article could be used to get dialogue groups talking about Muslim-Christian relations."


Frequently Asked Questions

" How do I subscribe to the Dialogue Leaders list?

To subscribe, email or us this subscription form:

Subscribe to DialogueLeaders
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" How do I send a message to the list?

Send email to

" How do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe from the list, email

" How do I change my subscription to digest mode?

If you would like to receive your messages 'digested' into one longer message that you receive once a day, email

" What is 'Yahoo! Groups'?

Yahoo! Groups is a free service that allows groups to communicate easily in a spam-protected environment. People can view their group email at the Yahoo! Groups website or through their own email program

" What is an email discussion list?

An email discussion list (also sometimes called a listserv or e-group) is a list of e-mail addresses identified by a single name (in our case, Dialogue Leaders). When an e-mail message is sent to the mailing list name, it is automatically forwarded to all of the addresses in the list.

The Dialogue Leaders discussion list is not just a mailing list which allow us to send you announcements. As a subscriber, you are able to send messages to the entire list, and to respond to any messages that are sent to the list.

" How many messages can I expect to receive?

The Dialogue Leaders discussion list is not meant to fill up your inbox with a lot of messages of people debating about issues. It is meant to be a fast way for dialogue practitioners and theorists to share information and resources, or to get questions answered. Typically, there is rarely more than 5 messages a day sent to the list.

" Is the list open to anyone involved in dialogue?

The Dialogue Leaders list is open to anyone who considers themselves to be a dialogue leader, whether it be as a facilitator of one dialogue group, a graduate student who is researching ways to strengthen dialogue efforts or the director of a nationwide dialogue program. The list is not intended for dialogue participants, but you should feel free to join if you are thinking about becoming a dialogue facilitator, organizer or researcher.

Dialogue Leaders is open to people who are involved with any type, topic or application of dialogue, from community-wide Study Circle dialogues on race to small Bohmian living room dialogues on no pre-planned topic. We believe the Dialogue Leaders list to be the only existing discussion list that was developed for dialogue networking and information sharing regardless of dialogue model or topic.

" Where do I send messages, questions or comments concerning the list that I do not want posted on the list?

Send non-list messages to the list maintainer, Sandy Heierbacher, at .

" Is the list moderated?

Dialogue Leaders is not moderated at this time. This means that messages to the list will not be edited, filtered or censored. The list's maintainer, however, will seek to maintain the ground rules and expectations of the list by reminding people when their posts are inappropriate and, if necessary, removing people who ignore reminders.

" Can I post without subscribing to the list?

No, but we will consider forwarding relevant messages to the list. Email them to the list's maintainer, Sandy Heierbacher, at .


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