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Links to Higher Ed. Resources & Dialogue Programs

Arizona State University's Intergroup Relations Center
The IRC provides education and training opportunities to students, faculty, and staff as well as intergroup conflict prevention and mediation services. It sponsors retreats, workshops, seminars, and institutes for faculty, staff and students, and collects, develops, and disseminates educational resources and data on discrimination, hate crimes, and intergroup conflict incidents at ASU.

Association of American Colleges & Universities
AAC&U runs a number of excellent programs having to do with diversity-related issues, and has initiated dialogue programs on many campuses.

"Campus Diversity and Student Self-Segregation: Separating Myths from Facts."
In this excellent briefing paper, Debra Humphreys of the Association of American Colleges and Universities summarizes current research on student self-segregation and campus diversity.

Campus Mediation Resources
Run by Bill Warters, Ph.D., of Wayne State University, this site is dedicated to supporting the development of mediation and conflict resolution services at colleges and universities. Includes searchable web links to more than 150 campus mediation projects, an extensive bibliography, program development resources, links to sample policies, etc.

Community Change, Inc.
CCI is a Boston-based non-profit organization which serves as a Center for action and collaboration among individuals and multiracial grassroots groups in the fight to achieve racial justice and equity. CCI maintains a resource center which features an extensive Library on Racism. CCI's website lists the thousands of books, videos, audio tapes, and periodicals which are housed at the library. Books can be borrowed from the library and returned by mail.

The Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development
COPRED is a community of educators, activists and researchers working on alternatives to violence and war. Founded in 1970 by a small group of teachers and scholars, COPRED has grown to almost 500 institutional and individual members, including K-12 educators, peace activists, conflict resolution practitioners, university professors and clergy. Members of COPRED have access to bibliographies, syllabi collections, curriculum services, a speaker's bureau, an annual conference, a quarterly academic journal Peace & Change, a networking newsletter The Peace Chronicle, and materials for the media.

CONTACT (Conflict Transformation Across Cultures)
A summer professional development program at the School for International Training designed to strengthen and support the community building, coexistence and conflict intervention efforts of peacebuilders from the U.S. and around the world.

Dialogues on Diversity
Dialogues on Diversity is a University of Michigan initiative which provides opportunities for the open exchange of views about the value. They develop and administer a variety of programs for students, staff, and faculty which enrich campus discussion and facilitate honest dialogue. The website serves as an information gateway for all diversity-related activity at the University of Michigan.

Directory of College and University Peace Studies Programs
This web page, maintained by Robin Crews, includes links to online course lists and syllabi.

Diversity Web
An electronic hub linking nearly 300 institutions' work on diversity; includes connections to campus-based diversity home pages.

The Electronic Forum Handbook: Study Circles in Cyberspace
This handbook results from the experience of moderators trained in face-to-face dialogue who experimented with an electronic version on the internet. Two classes-one at Ithaca College in New York and one at the University of Georgia-were paired for an electronic dialogue experience in 1994. The Handbook is based in part on Study Circles Resource Center materials.

George Mason University, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution
George Mason University's ICAR offers Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. Both degree programs are among the first in this field and are part of the mission of the Institute: to advance the understanding and resolution of significant and persistent human conflicts among individuals, small groups, communities, ethnic groups, and nations. Enhancing the Institute's degree programs are three additional components: research and publication, a clinical and consultancy program, and public education.

Implicit Association Test
It is well known that people don't always speak their minds, and it is suspected that people don't always know their minds. Understanding such divergences is important to scientific psychology. This web site presents a method that demonstrates public-private and conscious-unconscious divergences much more convincingly than has been possible with previous methods. The University of Washington and Yale University?’s age, race, and gender IATs can be taken on-line at this site.

The Knowledge Network
An online resource hub of research and best practices and programs in higher education. Includes extensive resources in the area of diversity and civic engagement in higher ed. The Network, which is run by the Assoc. of American Colleges & Universities, is affiliated with the DiversityWeb, a resource hub for campus diversity work.

Multicultural Pavilion
Designed and maintained by Paul Gorsky, this extensive website on multicultural education provides resources for educators, students, and activists to explore and discuss multicultural education. Includes a discussion board and email discussion forum on multicultural issues and education.

Multicultural Supersite
McGraw-Hill's Multicultural Supersite provides info and resources on multicultural education theory and practice for in-service teachers, pre-service teachers and teacher educators.

Responding to Hate Crimes and Bias-Motivated Incidents on College/University Campuses
The U.S. Department of Justice's Community Relations Service, which assists communities with crisis management and violence reduction, developed this handbook. Also available: Police and Urban Youth Relations: An Antidote to Racial Violence, Police Use of Excessive Force: A Conciliation Handbook for the Police and the Community, Preventing Youth Hate Crime, and School Disruptions: Tips for Educators and Police.

Simulation Training Systems
Distributors of BaFá BaFá and other simulations/games that help people learn and develop in the areas of cross-cultural relations, diversity, empowerment, ethics, etc. BaFá BaFá is great for college students!

Teaching Democracy
An online meeting place and resource center for college faculty and students who are interested in strengthening democracy through deliberative discourse on public issues. Teaching Democracy, which is sponsored by Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, shares the results of research on the pedagogical and political impacts of public deliberation in various university settings.

University of Kentucky dialogue program
This site is primarily useful for UK students who are interested in getting involved in the University's excellent dialogue program

University of Maryland, College Park, Office of Human Relations Programs
As a result of student demand, UM College Park's Office of Human Relations Programs (OHRP) developed a Student Intercultural Learning Center in 1999. Through educational, intercultural, and interdisciplinary programs and initiatives, SILC strives to make diversity-related dialogue and learning substantive and convenient for students at varying levels of both self and social awareness.

University of Michigan's Program on Intergroup Relations
The Program on Intergroup Relations, Conflict and Community offers a web site that not only provides information on their intergroup relations courses and programs, but also a generous amount of useful information about intergroup dialogue in general.

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