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Community Building & Strengthening Democracy Links

Alliance for National Renewal
Organized by the National Civic League, ANR is a coalition of more than 200 local and national organizations dedicated to the principles of civic renewal. ANR shares stories of innovative community problem solving efforts and offers assistance to citizens working together to improve their communities.

American Civil Liberties Union
A nonprofit, nonpartisan, 275,000-member public interest organization devoted exclusively to protecting the basic civil liberties of all Americans, and extending them to groups that have traditionally been denied them.

American Judicature Society
A national, nonpartisan organization interested in the administration of justice and public understanding of the justice system.

Asset-Based Community Development Institute
The Institute was formed to assist in providing training nationally regarding the Asset-Based Community Development approaches developed by John McKnight and colleagues at Northwestern University and documented in the book Building Communities from the Inside Out. ABCD produces resources and tools for community builders to identify, nurture, and mobilize neighborhood assets.

Assoc for the Study & Development of Community ASDC is a research and development organization for community capacity building and social problem solving. ASDC represents a network of leading community development practitioners and scientists in the United States and Europe, with offices in Gaithersburg, Maryland and Milan, Italy. ASDC provides capacity building services to government agencies, foundations and nonprofit organizations.

At The Table
Connect with others, share information, and help build the worldwide movement for youth participation at this online clearinghouse featuring everything you need to know about effectively involving youth in your organization and community. Hosted by the Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development.

Benton Foundation
The Foundation works to realize the social benefits made possible by the public interest use of communications. Provides links to on-line tools for community organizing and community building.

Better Together
Better Together: report of the Saguaro Seminar on Civic Engagement in America
. 2000. Cambridge, MA: John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

The Carter Center
The Carter Center, which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been a key supporter and stimulus in urban revitalization and community building efforts in Atlanta and in sponsoring and assisting other cities throughout the country.

The Center for Assessment and Policy Development (CAPD)
CAPD is a non-profit organization founded in 1987 to help institutions, communities and public systems craft and execute thoughtful responses to pressing social issues ?– particularly, improving outcomes for children, adolescents, and families. CAPD works on many issues, including education, violence prevention, community change, reduction in racism (particularly institutional racism), leadership, and civic engagement.

The Center for Civic Networking
CCN is dedicated to applying information infrastructure to the broad public good - particularly by putting information to work within local communities to improve delivery of local government services, improve access to information that people need in order to function as informed citizens, broaden citizen participation in governance, and stimulate economic and community development.

The Center for Neighborhood Technology
CNT is engaged in a range of projects assist economic and community building efforts in neighborhoods. CNT?’s mission is to invent and implement new tools and methods that create livable urban communities for everyone.

Center for New Community
The Center for New Community is a faith-based initiative whose mission is to revitalize congregations and community for genuine social, economic and political democracy. The Center's two main programs focus on building democracy and revitalizing church and community through faith-based organizing.

Chapin Hall Center for Children
The University of Chicago runs this research and development center, which offers many downloadable publications on community building and capacity building efforts, child welfare, etc.

TheCivicMind is a gateway to information and resources about civic participation and democracy education. The site is run by Wendy Bay Lewis, a lawyer turned speaker, civics coach and consultant who tracks efforts to engage the public in civic issues and includes this info on the site. The site includes directories to help you locate civic resources by topic (university-based programs, court-based programs, election reform, etc.) or state.

The Civic Network
The Civic Network is an evolving collection of online resources dedicated to supporting civic life and citizen participation. The Civic Network is a project of The Center for Civic Networking ( in collaboration with a growing number of individuals and organizations.

Civic Practices Network (CPN)
CPN's website, which was compiled several years ago, features an array of excellent resources for the new citizenship movement. The Network shares a commitment to bringing practical methods for public problem solving into every community and institutional setting in the U.S.

Close Up Foundation
The Close?Up Foundation is the nations largest nonprofit (501(c)(3)), nonpartisan citizenship education organization. Since its founding in 1970, Close?Up has worked to promote responsible and informed participation in the democratic process through a variety of educational programs

Communitarian Network
The Communitarian Network is a coalition of individuals and organizations who have come together to strengthen the moral, social, and political environment. The network publishes a journal (The Responsive Community), an online newsletter and a series of publications regarding community building.

Community Based Collaboratives Research Consortium
CBCRC is a network of researchers, mediators and facilitators, government agencies, community groups and environmental groups which seek to understand and assess local collaborative efforts involving natural resources and community development. CBCRC provides a venue for the sharing of research, evaluation and case studies; emerging stewardship issues and practice and policy outcomes concerning community based collaborative processes.

Community Building Resource Exchange
This site provides a broad array of resources and information about innovative community building efforts to revitalize poor neighborhoods and improve the life circumstances of residents and their families.

Community Builder's Tool Kit
This new (2000/2001) primer for revitalizing democracy from the ground up can be downloaded for free or ordered for $1.50 per copy. The Tool Kit was developed through the Anti-Racism Initiative of the Institute for Democratic Renewal and Project Change.

Constitutional Rights Foundation
CRF is a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization dedicated to influencing the civic education of young people at the local, state, and national level. CRF sponsors programs for students, trains teachers, and develops civic education materials. CRF programs and materials are designed to help young people understand our legal system and government institutions, develop citizenship and civic engagement skills, and participate actively in their communities. CRFs web site features interactive Online Lessons, including "America Responds to Terrorism," Research Links to give young people quick access to useful information on the web, and access to CRF Programs and Publications.

Demos was founded in 1999 as a national research and advocacy organization to help create a new long-term vision for American society. Demos works on two of the most urgent challenges facing the U.S. today: strengthening our democracy and creating more broadly shared prosperity. Demos conducts original research and builds networks of civic and economic reformers to help turn ideas into action.

Electronic Policy Network (EPN)
A consortium of top public policy organizations and advocacy groups, the Electronic Policy Network provides timely information and leading ideas about the policies and politics that shape our world. The site provides a great list of democracy and civic participation links.

Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities
EZ/EC is provides communities with opportunities for growth and revitalization. The framework of the program is embodied in four key principles: economic opportunity, sustainable community development, community-based partnerships, and strategic vision for change.

Fellowship for Intentional Community
FIC nurtures connections and cooperation among communitarians and their friends. They provide publications, referrals, support services, and sharing opportunities for a wide range of intentional communities, cohousing groups, ecovillages, community networks, support organizations, and people seeking a home in community.

Foundation for Community Encouragement
FCE is a Seattle-based international nonprofit which teaches the community building methods developed by FCE and Dr. M. Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Traveled. Committed to discovering new and better ways of being together, FCE offers facilitator training; regional, national and international workshops; seminars; corporate consulting; and community coaching services.

The Harwood Institute
The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation is a non-profit institution which strives to be a catalyst for charting a different course for America's public life and politics.

Kentucky Center for Public Issues
KCPI works to actively participate in shaping Kentucky's public agenda by providing credible information and creating new forums for meaningful citizen dialogue and action regarding Kentucky's public affairs. KCPI's mission is to help citizens explore, understand, and confront issues critical to the future of the Commonwealth.

League of Women Voters
A nonprofit organization which promotes an open governmental system that is representative, accountable and responsive; that assures opportunities for citizen participation in government decision making; and that preserves public health and safety through gun control measures.

Making the Net Work
A joint UK-US initiative, Making The Net Work provides resources and ideas for organizations and neighborhoods develop online communities or create local technology centers.

National Civic League
NCL is dedicated to strengthening citizen democracy by transforming democratic institutions. NCL accomplishes its mission through technical assistance, training, publishing, research, and the All-America City Awards, the nation's oldest and most prestigious community recognition program.

National Civility Center
NCC's work is focused on distributing better tools for capacity building and helping individuals and institutions to be strong champions for improvement in their own communities.

National Community Building Network
NCBN was formed in 1993 to facilitate collaboration and mutual sharing among community building efforts in poor communities. These programs enable community members to build on their own strengths and resources to improve their communities.

Neighborhoods On-line Resource Center

Developed by the Institute for Civic Values in Philadelphia, this site provides valuable links to resources designed to assist neighborhood empowerment and development.

Partnerships Online
Partnerships Online offers the full texts of guides to community participation and partnerships, and other Internet resources ( The key messages are that partnership are more about building a shared vision and sense of trust than about formal structures....and that takes time.

Pew Center for Civic Journalism
Founded in 1993 by The Pew Charitable Trusts, this nonprofit organization encourages, supports and recognizes public affairs reporting distinguished by citizen involvement - interaction between citizens and the news organizations which report on community issues.

The Pew Partnership for Civic Change
A civic research organization funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts and administered by the University of Richmond, the Partnership identifies and documents promising solutions crucial to strong communities.

The Policy Action Network
The Policy Action Network is dedicated to explaining and popularizing complex policy ideas to a broader audience. Their goal is to improve collaboration and dialogue between policy and grassroots organizations, and to promote their work to journalists and legislators.

Public Agenda Online
A nonpartisan, nonprofit organization founded in 1975 to help citizens understand critical policy issues so they can make more informed and thoughtful decisions and to help leaders understand the public's point of view on major policy issues. was founded in order to help journalists, policy makers and engaged citizens become better informed about innovative public policies.

The Teledemocracy Action News + Network
The website of the Global Democracy Movement TAN+N is primarily dedicated to the creative use of modern technologies (ICT) and face-to-face deliberative techniques in all forms that directly empower citizens to have authentic input into political systems at all levels of governance around the world.

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