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Crosspoint Anti Racism
Maintained by the Netherlands International Centre for Human Rights, this site provides links organized by continent and country to anti-racist organizations around the world.

Diversity Web
An electronic hub linking nearly 300 institutions' work on diversity; includes connections to campus-based diversity home pages.

Education Justice
Well-organized, annotated links to resources on anti-racist education, assessment, critical pedagogy, education for equity, school-family-community relations, whole school change, what works, professional development and much more.

Gurteen Associates Ltd.
This site is aimed at knowledge professionals who wish to transform the way they work and the way they manage and interact with other people in their organization and who wish to better leverage workgroup technology. Includes links to and information about dialogue-oriented books, articles, links and individuals.

The Holocaust/Genocide Project
The website of I*EARN's award-winning project has many links to resources on combating genocide and anti-Semitism.

Dr. William G. (Bill) Huitt's
Dr. Huitt of Valdosta State University's Department of Psychology, Counseling & Guidance runs an interesting site which links to nearly 50 sites concerning multicultural education.

Human Rights Web Resources Page
An extensive listing of links for both international and regional human rights resources on the Internet, this site is useful for activists, researchers, parents, teachers and students. The webpage of links for resources on diversity is especially interesting.

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
A compendium of links for artistic, cultural, music, educational, historical and video resources for Native Americans, with links to other First People's nations.

Links to Aboriginal Resources
A complete listing of connections to resources on indigenous peoples on every continent, with a useful rating system of Web pages devoted to Native/First Peoples. Also includes subscription information on dozens of electronic discussion groups and USENET newsgroups on topics pertinent to native peoples.

Multicultural Pavilion
Designed and maintained by Paul Gorsky, this extensive website on multicultural education provides resources for educators, students, and activists to explore and discuss multicultural education. Includes a discussion board and email discussion forum on multicultural issues and education.

National Association for Ethnic Studies
This professional organization maintains a web page with links to key Internet resources for multicultural education.

Peace Resource Center
Hosts documents and links to further the peace movement around the world through action, education, and information for teachers and students on human rights education.

The Pleiades
A site devoted exclusively to women's resources on the Internet, including an introductory tutorial designed with women's issues in mind.

Selected Websites on Dialogue
This site contains a plethora of links on such topics as dialogue explicators, dialogue papers, dialogue challenges, interfaith and intercultural dialogue, and therapeutic dialogue. Focuses on the David Bohm method of dialogue.

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