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Hundreds of great resources that can help you organize a dialogue program or strengthen an existing one are listed, described, and linked to on these pages. Also see NCDD's resources section for more great resources - including a list of terms used in this field and their definitions, an attempt to categorize the practice, various sets of sample ground rules, and more.

Organizations to Contact
You're not on your own! These organizations will provide you with training, advice and resources.

"How-to Resources" to Help You Get a Dialogue Started
Don't reinvent the wheel! These publications will take you through the process step by step, and give you plenty of ideas.

Build Dialogue-Related Skills
Need to improve your facilitation skills? Need training ideas? Interested in practical ways to build community or foster social change?

Learn More About Dialogue
Not how-to books, these resources help you understand why intergroup dialogue works, who practices it, what its history is, and what the theory is behind dialogue.

Current Issues You Care About
Currently featuring some of the best Sept. 11-related resources available for dialogue leaders, educators and peacebuilders.

Listservs, E-Newsletters and Similar Resources
Dozens of invaluable resources, with instructions for subscribing and submitting information.

Links to Related Web Sites
Hundreds of annotated links, organized into categories such as Dialogue Resources, Conflict Transformation, Groups that Organize Dialogues and Social Change.

Videos that Stimulate Discussion and Inspire Action
Just updated! The best dialogue and intergroup relations videos available, with ordering and pricing info. A listing of relevant video clearinghouses is also provided.

Great Materials About Race and Racism in America
Terrific resources about one of the U.S.'s most common dialogue topics. Categorized into General, Racial Identity Development and Whiteness/White Privilege topics.

Resources for Teachers and Trainers
A plethora of multicultural education and conflict resolution resources designed for teachers.

Most Highly Recommended Resources
Pressed for time, or not sure where to start? Here are the most highly recommended resources from each of the above categories.

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