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Conservatives and LGBT issues

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, 2004 1:35 pm?? ?Post subject: Conservatives and LGBT issues Reply with quote

well...I have been following this thread of conversation with some interest...I don't want to be the only nay sayer on this Forum, but i am not so sure that "all" of us liberals will fit in one phone booth..and I think there is quite a bit of variety and diversity even among us that may not necessarily make us quite "bed mates" shall I say? Smile

I felt at the last convention for example that many of us don't do much to address Heterosexism or LGBT issues --after all this is an aspect of our identity that does intersect with all other social group identities: gender, religion, race, class and so on...and yet, it was not quite addressed at the Convention last time; nor do I see much on it here either.

I am planning on doing a break out session this time on STRAIGHT /OUT TALK..that will talk about how we may dialogue about heterosexist privilege...a la Peggy McIntosh's other knapsacks of privilege.....I am wondering how many of us in this group would be willing to take this on???

Assistant Director, Multicultural Education
Research & Technology
University of Maryland
Coordinator, Outreach & Special Projects
Office of LGBT Equity

College Park, MD 20742
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