Our Discussions

We encourage anyone who is part of the growing dialogue & deliberation community to join our public discussions, whether or not you are a member of NCDD. Use the links to the left to go directly to our various discussions and interactive features, or read an overview of each of them below.

NCDD’s Discussion Lists

Thanks to EdGateway, NCDD can initiate numerous discussions via a web interface that runs off of NCDD’s website. Subscribers to NCDD’s Discussion Lists (formerly called our “Online Community”) may receive and send messages to the groups they are subscribed to via email (like a listserv) or via the web interface (like a bulletin board).

Photo of a dialogue group.

Currently, the discussion lists are being used to help members of NCDD working groups keep in contact with one another, to give regional and interest-based networks a way to stay connected, to facilitate communication among various groups NCDD is collaborating with, and to provide a forum for exploration and networking among leaders in the dialogue & deliberation community.

We encourage everyone involved in the D&D community to join the main NCDD Discussion list, which has over 250 subscribers. For an example of the kind of knowledge that can be tapped into via this list, look over this summary of our December 2003 discussion about involving conservatives in D&D efforts.


Based on the increasingly popular and user-editable Wiki system, our collaborative workspace is available for anyone involved in the dialogue & deliberation community to work together on projects, share ideas and post information. "Wiki" is the Hawaiian word for "quick," which is the speed at which you can edit and update its pages. A huge thank-you goes to Lucy Perry of InfoVisions and John Abbe of the Sandhi Institute for making our Wiki a reality.

Thataway Forum

The Thataway Forum is an open message center and bulletin board for both members of NCDD and visitors to Thataway.org. It is a place to post practice-related questions for your peers to answer, air concerns, discuss specific issues and leave questions about this site and the field it supports.

The Dialogue Leaders List

Logo for DialogueLeaders list.

This listserv has been providing a practical forum for dialogue organizers, facilitators and researchers to communicate via email for over five years. The list is was created to be a low-volume, as-needed resource to help keep researchers and practitioners in the dialogue community informed about events, innovations and opportunities in the field, and to provide an opportunity for dialogue leaders to network with their peers.

NCDD’s Monthly Email Updates

Subscribing to NCDD’s monthly email updates will keep you informed about what’s new in the world of dialogue & deliberation - and what’s new at thataway.org. This is an announcement-only list, not a two-way discussion, and you will never (well, almost never) receive more than one message a month from this list.

Please read this if you have subscribed to our Monthly Updates:

Because of the growing problem of spam, many ISP's and Web Hosts are installing very powerful spam filters. These filters can block anything that has been mass mailed like our updates mailing. To help ensure that you receive our updates, please add [email protected] to your address book, especially if you use AOL, Hotmail, Earthlink or similar services. Thank you.

NCDD Announcements list

This is a one-way announcement list for members of NCDD. Once a month or so, a message is sent to all NCDD members updating them on NCDD news and projects, and welcoming and describing all new NCDD members. If you are a member of NCDD, but have not been receiving these members-only announcements, let us know.


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