Ground Rules for the Main NCDD Discussion List

We've found that when subscribers adhere to the following guidelines we're able to keep the list useful for people, without it becoming overbearing. Please read these over before posting or replying to the list.

1. Do not send more than one message to the list each day, and not more than several each week. This prevents individuals from dominating the list.

2. If your message is directed at an individual, do not send your message to the entire list. Instead of just hitting "reply", which sends your message to the whole list, remember to cut and paste the sender's email address into your "to" field.

3. Keep your messages relevant to dialogue and deliberation. If it's not immediately apparent that your message is relevant to dialogue & deliberation, you need to explain in your message why you think it is relevant.

4. Direct your message to the subscribers of the listserv. If you forward an announcement, quote an article, etc., add an introduction to the beginning of your message that explains why you thought people would be interested, asks for feedback, etc. People should know why you're sending them a message.

5. Identify yourself. Include your name, organization, and where you're from when you send a message to the list. This will help us get to know each other a little better.

6. Refrain from sending regularly published updates/newsletters to the list. If you or your organization send out updates of your work, you can send one of these announcements to the list every once in a while (no more than twice a year), and include instructions for subscribing. Then those who are interested can keep updated on your work.

7. Do not use the listserv to fundraise for your organization or programs. You can send messages about trainings and other services that charge a fee, but do not ask list members to donate to your efforts.


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