Welcome to NcddWiki! A "wiki" is a collaboratively-created web of interlinked pages with edit privileges for all participants. This collaborative workspace enables NCDD members and others to edit documents, comment on tools, agree on how to proceed with projects, and much more.

This WikiWiki can be edited by anyone - just click on the "Edit this document" link at the bottom of any page. There are many pages about ParticipatingInWiki. The FormattingRules are mostly simple. Go ahead and try them out in the SandBox! Then explore and contribute as you please. SigningWhatYouWrite is very optional. Still uncomfortable about editing a page but want to contribute? You can add a comment by using the small form at the bottom of each page.

Current Projects & Topics:


The good folks who created the CitizensScienceToolbox have given us permission to add material from their toolbox to NcddWiki as a starting place for practitioners and others to revise the descriptions of myriad participatory practices to be more accurate, complete and useful. Everyone is encouraged to participate in this experiment!


The UtneInstitute?, ConversationCafe?, WorldCafe? and NCDD are spearheading a large-scale dialogue project during the 2004 election year called "Let's Talk America." Some LTA organizers are using this space to work collaboratively on documents.

ExploringBasics of D&D

What are the underlying principles or phenomena of dialogue and deliberation? Why do we do this work? What is important for practitioners of these arts to know or do? This wiki space exists to help us explore the deep commonalities that make us into one field or movement, or that clarify our work into its most powerful simplicities.

NCDD's GovernanceAndMission Committee

A group of NCDD members are using this workspace to explore and collaboratively develop NCDD's MissionStatement, NCDD's Principles, GovernanceProcedures? and ByLaws?. The group will report to the NCDD Steering Committee and will seek the input of NCDD members.

Developing a VisionaryMission for the Field

NCDD Steering Committee member TomAtlee has been working with a group of NCDD members on the beginning stages of an interactive, collaborative process that would enable people from throughout the field to work together to create one or more statements about the visionary mission of dialogue and deliberation and its practitioners. This process will create coherent statements of the visionary role of D&D in our society's effectiveness, survival and evolution.


NCDD is working with a group of leaders in collaboration, mediation and similar fields to explore how we might be able to work together to foster increased and improved collaborative problem-solving in communities. The group initially met at the AssociationForConflictResolutionConference? in Orlando, Florida this past October. The group plans to use this Wiki as its collaborative workspace.



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