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The Sights and Sounds of the 2006 NCDD Conference

It was important to the 2006 planning team that we capture as much of the conference as we could. But, in the end, we received more help with this than we ever expected. Our Tech Team members took photographs, audio clips and even mini-movies (many are still viewable on our conference blog archive). A filmmaker from Ashland, Oregon came and captured Reuniting America's workshop at the conference. And most of our large group sessions were videotaped by the great folks at FAQ Productions.

But there seemed to be cameras everywhere! There will be a lot more material in the near future, and we want to share as much of it as we can in one convenient place, but in the meantime we will begin with the hundreds of photos that were taken and immediately shared with the world through Flickr.

Videos from the 2006 NCDD Conference in San Francisco

View some great footage from NCDD's 2006 Conference in San Francisco! Check out a high-energy 5-minute piece that gives you a feel for what an NCDD conference is like, and the fabulous people who attend our events. And experience the popular Reflective Panel at the conference, with panelists Chris Gates, E.D. of Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement, Leanne Nurse of the Environmental Protection Agency, scholar John Gastil of the University of Washington, and Juanita Brown, Founder of the World Caf?. Also, included below, is a moving testimonial by participant Machiko Conway as she talks about her memories of Hiroshima on the 61st anniversary of the dropping on the atomic bomb.

We had the pleasure of working with FAQ Productions who produced our five-minute overview and videotaped much of the conference. FAQ Productions produces short, personal videos for professionals to use on their websites and over email. These streaming videos highlight the personalities of the professional and their organizations, and are an engaging tool for connecting with clients. You can learn more about FAQ by visiting their website at

  1. 5-Minute Conference Overview (on
  2. 5-Minute Conference Overview (Windows Stream)
  3. 5-Minute Conference Overview (iPod video)
  4. Machiko Conway Remembers Hiroshima from our Closing Session (on
  5. Machiko Conway Remembers Hiroshima from our Closing Session (iPod video)
  6. Complete Reflective Panel (Windows Stream)

Timeline of Notable Milestones from Friday's Plenary

On the first morning of our 2006 conference, we presented a plenary session devoted to "reflecting on our past," where we examined our personal stories and the recent history of the dialogue and deliberation movement. The main exercise presented during this plenary had conference participants posting personal reflections, meaningful events and milestones they felt significantly impacted their lives, the dialogue and deliberation community, and the world on giant timelines attached to the walls of our main meeting room. Click Here to view a transcription of the timelines that were created during this well-received plenary session.

Photos from the Conference

During the conference, we invited our participants to take photographs and upload them to the photo-sharing site Flickr. In the end we had nearly 600 photos uploaded...

You can also Explore All Conference Photos On!

Peace Tiles

Lars Hasselblad Torres of the Peace Tiles Project (along with Nil S. Navaie of Arts for Global Development) was on hand to share his program's work and to give conference participants the chance to create their own Peace Tiles. He has placed photos on Flickr of the tiles created at conference.

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