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Bohmian Dialogue

Created by late physicist David Bohm, Bohmian Dialogue is focused on attending to and discussing individual internal dynamics--assumptions, beliefs, motivations, etc. The idea is not to eliminate them from happening, but to surface them in the conversation in a way that furthers the dialogue. A great place to learn more at this approach is at

Here are the 5 resources from Bohmian Dialogue.

Bohm Dialogue

The late quantum physicist David Bohm observed that both quantum mechanics and mystical traditions suggest that our beliefs shape the realities we evoke. He further postulated that thought is largely a collective phenomenon, made possible only through culture and communication. Human conversations arise out of and influence an ocean of cultural and transpersonal meanings in which we live our lives, and this process he called dialogue.

David Bohm Resources Great for Beginners

This site provides a plethora of links to articles, books and information about and by David Bohm, a well-respected contemporary physicist whose contributions to science and philosophy include a kind of free-form, sustained dialogue.

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Dialogue: A Proposal Highly Recommended

David Bohm, Donald Factor and Peter Garrett.

This paper discusses the process of Bohm dialogue and what it offers those who choose to engage in it as a way of gaining an understanding of the human thought process. The authors outline their conception of dialogue, why they believe dialogue is valuable, and provide some practical advice on initiating this type of dialogue.

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On Dialogue Highly Recommended

David Bohm (Lee Nichol, Editor). Routledge: New York, NY, 1996.

David Bohm was one of the greatest physicists and foremost thinkers of this century. This revised and expanded edition is the most comprehensive documentation to date of David Bohm's dialogical world view. Bohm explores the purpose, methods and meanings of the multi-faceted process he called "dialogue", suggesting that dialogue offers the possibility of an entirely new order of communication and relationship with ourselves, our fellows, and the world around us. His book offers tools that facilitate a true exchange of ideas between people.

The Table

The Table, or TT, is a free-for-all melange of ideas, comments, and images. Run by an international group that claims TT is the only ongoing online (David) Bohmian Dialogue, TT encourages people to contribute to the dialogue by writing or sending pictures, movies or sounds..."as in Bohm Dialogue: there are no rules, anything goes."

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