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Graphic Facilitation & Graphic Recording

Graphic recording is a tool to help groups work together. The graphic recorder puts a big piece of paper (8 feet long by 4 feet high) on the wall and works like a muralist, recording what the group is saying in a combination of words, pictures and symbols. Graphic recorders work with a facilitator, creating the visual record; graphic facilitators create the visual record while also facilitating the group. For a more thorough description and some recommended resources, see our summary of Graphic Facilitation.

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Alchemy Consulting LLC Highly Recommended

We are process experts who help teams around the world unleash their creativity to solve today's complex business issues. Alchemy gives you a system that works -- graphic recording, strategic illustration, process innovation, organizational strategy, leadership development -- leading you and your business to sustainable success. The Alchemy team, which provided their top-knotch graphic recording services at the 2004 NCDD conference in Denver, consists of Chris Chopyak, Patti Dobrowolski and Lois Todd.

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Alexander & Associates

Betty Alexander brings sixteen years of experience to her work in large system change and leadership development for public and private organizations. As a graphic facilitator, she uses her skills in deep listening, information synthesis, and intuitive visual processing to make group conversation visible. The real-time visual record of a meeting that she creates is designed to optimize group learning and productivity. It illuminates collective wisdom, creates understanding between multiple, contradictory and complex data, acknowledges individual contribution by reflecting what is being voiced by each person, and builds commitment through high participation in meeting processes.

Animating Democracy Initiative Great for Beginners Highly Recommended

Animating Democracy, a program of Americans for the Arts, fosters arts and cultural activity that encourages and enhances civic engagement and dialogue. It is based on the premise that democracy is animated when an informed public is engaged in the issues affecting people's daily lives. Launched in fall 1999, ADI is a four-year programmatic initiative of Americans for the Arts which fosters artistic activity that encourages civic dialogue on important contemporary issues.

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Bigger Picture

Bigger Picture is a consulting company based in Scandinavia. We provide visual learning and dialogue tools and consulting services enabling ongoing sustainable organizational and personal change. We are a network of consultants, facilitators and illustrators joining forces to create learning designs and processes with visual support.

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Brandy Agerbeck and

Brandy Agerbeck has mapped conversations in many industries: biotechnology, consulting, education, financial, food, insurance, medical, pharmaceutical, retail, technology, transportation, and utilities. She has graphically facilitated groups from 2 to 200 people, working with start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies. Agerbeck is skilled in both hand drawing and computer illustration. Agerbeck has worked in front of thousands of people since 1996, and has a B.A. from Grinnell College in Studio Art.

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Christine Valenza, Graphic Facilitator Highly Recommended

Christine Valenza has been illustrating the thoughts and processes of groups for over 20 years. Through her deep listening she creates a rapid in-real time visual synthesis of ideas. This work has taken her to Russia, Europe, Asia, Scandinavia, Nairobi, Jerusalem and Barcelona.

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Conbrio provides process, tools and practices to build companies, organizations and communities. Conbrio's services include graphic recording, facilitation, goal setting, strategic action planning, strategic visioning, team building, and more. We team with senior private sector executives and board members, elected and appointed government officials and not-for-profit leaders to set goals, implement programs, integrate acquisitions, improve employee participation, better communication and gather qualitative market feedback. In working with teams, we are servant leaders, designing, then guiding teams in conversations to brainstorm ideas, elicit views, analyze options, forge directions.

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David Hasbury and Associates

David Hasbury is a graphic facilitator who guides groups through a process of discovery. He incorporates methods that grow out of the popular education movement of Latin America, influenced and shaped by the work of Paolo Friere.

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Emily Shepard, Graphic Recorder

Emily's goal is to help her clients get the most out of their meetings and strategy sessions. Partnering with a facilitator or consultant, Emily visually captures and synthesizes the high level thinking of a group, using words, imagery and metaphor. Working in real time, she creates a series of large format charts that dynamically reflect the discussion back to the participants, allowing them to see gaps, patterns and possibilities.

Gecko Graphics

Gecko Graphics is a firm specializing in corporate Mindscaping. Mindscaping is the unique process of transforming ideas and concepts into a powerful, highly visual graphic format of pictures, images, words and key icons. Founder Michelle Boos-Stone captures the 'flow' of business sessions in real time (as a presenter or speaker is talking) in bold, colorful images to help stimulate visual learners to better follow and understand processes and to clearly see interrelationships, while synthesizing thoughts and information.

Geoff Ball & Associates

Geoff Ball, Ph.D. works in a variety of settings with a wide range of clients in situations that are often complex, technical, conflict-laden, multi-jurisdictional, and involve varying numbers of people from small working groups to large conferences and public meetings. Recently he has focused on facilitation (including graphic facilitation) of key meetings; strategy and strategic planning; facilitation system training; conflict resolution and team building with city councils, boards and senior management teams.

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Graphic Facilitation

According to graphic facilitator Brandy Agerbeck (, graphic facilitation is the practice of using words and images to create a conceptual map of a conversation. A graphic facilitator is the visual, usually silent partner to the traditional, verbal facilitator, drawing a large scale image at the front of the room in real-time....

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Graphic Tools for Thinking and Learning

Graphic Tools for Thinking and Learning is a graphic facilitation company that provides services in human performance consulting, performance-based training, meeting planning and facilitation, graphic recording and facilitation, and presentation visuals.

Graphic recorders are highly trained listening and synthesizing experts who visually record and organize group dialogue into dynamic mural-sized notes. Recorders draw on many methods of recording, from capturing detailed text to creating artful metaphors, depending on the needs of an agenda. They partner with your meeting leader to work live and in front of groups turning complex discussions into a powerful meaningful record. After the meeting, the murals are photographed and transformed into hand-held actionable reports with graphics that make the meeting memorable. Our graphic recorders work easily in all industries, with an amazing breadth of understanding of any subject matter.

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Grove Consultants International

The Grove Consultants International has been offering workshops and training systems for over twenty years, focusing on the use of graphical language to enrich communication, capture the input of many stakeholders, and convey whole-system perspectives. They offer public workshops in Principles of Graphic Facilitation and Strategic Visioning, which provide participants with the skills to create a more collaborative culture within their organization or community. Group Graphics and Facilitating Team Performance workshops are available as In-House Workshops at your company or organization's site.

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Hammond & Landau

Jennifer Hammond Landau is a graphic facilitator, and an associate of long-standing in the San Francisco Bay Area network of organizational development consultants. Her expertise is drawn from twenty years of group facilitation, team building, visioning, goal setting, and the design of participative approaches to project management and large-scale systems change. Jennifer began her career in community development, working with management and human resource development in the non-profit sector.

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International Forum of Visual Practitioners

IFVP is a community of creative leaders from around the world who share a common passion for bringing information and ideas to life visually. For over a quarter of a century, business people, artists, communities, governments, educators, and individuals have been leveraging the power of our Visual Practitioner community of graphic recorders and graphic facilitators. The website is a valuable source of information and tools on graphic facilitation, and includes a searchable database of graphic facilitators (visual practitioners).

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Jim Channon

Jim Channon has carefully listened to, illustrated the strategies and dreams of, and storytold the details of the future paths of 10 of the worlds largest 100 companies, some national governments, and major institutions. His visual language is complete, his artistic range is grand, and he works currently at the planetary level of complexity. Based in Hawaii, Jim has circled the globe fifty times.

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Keith Bendis, Graphic Facilitator

Keith Bendis' unique and evocative humorous illustrations have appeared regularly in America's most prestitious publications, including Time, Smithsonian, Business Week, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Forbes, and Newsweek. He also illustrated William Safire's "On Language" column in the New York Times Magazine for 8 years. His satirical drawings of life in New York City appeared in his own "Sketchbook" feature for the Sunday New York Daily News. Keith currently illustrates the Regulators' column for the business section of The Washington Post. Corporate clients include AT&T;, IBM, and American Express.

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Kelvy Bird

Based in Massachusetts, Kelvy Bird works as a graphic facilitator in the field of organizational development with clients such as Dialogos, BP, Alphachimp, Innovation Labs, The Ashland Institute, and Woodlands Attunement on aspects of leadership, collective intelligence, diversity, innovation, and calling. Additionally, Bird volunteers for activities that increase the visibility of art in the public sphere, including core development functions with ARTSomerville, the website of Vernon Street Studios, and registration redesign for Somerville Open Studios.

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