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Listservs (Email Discussion Lists)

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ABA's Alternative Dispute Resolution Listserv

The American Bar Association's ADR listserv is an open list dedicated to dialogue and the promotion of wider understanding and information-sharing of the ADR field, as a public service from the Section's National Dispute Resolution Resource Center. To subscribe, send an email to list[email protected] with 'subscribe adr' in the body of the message.

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AiList: Appreciative Inquiry Discussion List Highly Recommended

This listserv, hosted by Jack Brittain, is a forum for individuals interested in learning more about the practice of Appreciative Inquiry. The list has nearly 800 subscribers from all over the world. To subscribe, go to or send a message with the word 'help' in the subject or body to [email protected]. To submit, send messages to the list manager at [email protected].

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AntiRacismNet Mailing Lists

AntiRacismNet is an international online network of anti-racism organizations and practitioners. The site hosts dozens of mailing lists for groups and organizations such as the World Conference Against Racism, Project Change, and Movement Beyond Borders.

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APSA (the American Political Science Association).

Originally established by the APSA Task Force on Civic Education for the Next Century (1966-2000), CIVED is a public discussion list for scholars and pracitioners of civic education and civic engagement.

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Canadian Peace Institute (CPI) Discussion Group

As part of the Canadian Culture of Peace Program (CCOPP), this list is intended to promote networking, communication and information dissemination among all (formal and informal) Canadian Peace Educators.

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Canadian Peace Research & Education Association (CPREA) Discussion Group

Canadian Peace Research & Education Association (CPREA) was founded in 1966 to advance research and promote education on the causes of war and the conditions of peace. The discussion group provides a forum for people interested in these topics to discuss their views.

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Conversation Caf? Highly Recommended

Vicki Robin, a pioneer in the voluntary simplicity movement, came up with the idea of using the 'conversation caf?' model in attempts to take her ideas of simpler living to a higher level. Her organization has more than 60 trained caf? hosts and has spread internationally after a tremendous start in Seattle.

Resource Link:

CRTNet Listserv

The National Communication Association hosts a daily email listserv called the Communication, Research and Theory Network (CRTNET). Anyone is welcome to subscribe to the listserv. Readers are encouraged to contribute abstracts, calls, articles, announcements, of interest, grant opportunities, comments, questions, and discussion on all topics relating to the general area of human communication. Those looking for jobs in the communication field in academia should subscribe themselves to this listserv.

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Deliberate Discussion List

The deliberate discussion list was established to connect librarians interested in using deliberative forums in their community with each other. Discussion list participants are library school educators and students; academic, school and public librarians; ALA staff; state library association staff; and members of the National Issues Forums network interested in making connections with the library community.

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Deliberation Research Listserv

The members of this group are involved or interested in research on deliberation, especially in the analysis of the process of deliberation both face-to-face and online. Subject for discussion are theoretical issues as well as methodological issues such as data retrieval, case selection, and assessing reliability.

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DISPUTE-RES listserv

The Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution sponsors and manages the Dispute-res listserv, an Internet discussion list of approximately 900 dispute resolution professionals. This very active listserv provides information/communication about dispute resolution, teaching of dispute resolution, and experiences of people involved in dispute resolution.

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Do-Consult (Democracies Online - Online Consultations and Civic Events) Listserv Highly Recommended

The Democracies Online family of peer forums.

DO-Consult is a peer-to-peer forum for those involved with government, parliamentary and civic online consultations and events. This forum is facilitated by Alexandra W. Samuel, a Vancouver-based researcher specializing in online citizen engagement. It is part of the Democracies Online family of peer forums organized by Steven Clift.

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Fabulous Facilitators Network, Breakfasts and Listserv

Lisa Heft hosts a "Fabulous Facilitators Breakfast" each month in Berkeley, California for a dynamic, growing group of facilitators. This casual breakfast group brings facilitators in the region together for mutual support, learning, interaction and community. Over breakfast, facilitators who specialize in a variety of methods share challenges, questions, news and mutual appreciation in about a 2-hour time span without an agenda.

Resource Link:[email protected]/

Group Facilitation Listserv Great for Beginners Highly Recommended

The International Association of Facilitators and The Center for Policy Research at the University at Albany, SUNY.

Subscribers to this popular email discussion list share ideas, questions, and advice on group problem solving and decision making, group development, running meetings, and related topics. We highly recommend this listserv to all facilitators.

Resource Link:

H-Afro-Am Discussion List

The H-Afro-Am listserv provides an exchange of information for professionals, faculty and advanced students in the field of African American Studies (also called Afrocentricity, Africology, Africana Studies, Afro-American Studies, Black Studies, and Pan-African Studies). The focus is on the African Diaspora though mainly on the U.S. experience, and then to the African Diaspora in comparison to the U.S.

Resource Link:

H-AmIndian Discussion List

A joint project between Arizona State University and H-NET (Humanities & Social Sciences Online), H-AmIndian includes an edited discussion list for scholars, academicians, and Native people to consider the history, culture, ideas and events relating to indigenous peoples from the North Pole to Mexico.

Resource Link:

H-Antisemitism Discussion List

H-Antisemitism proposes to facilitate the exchange of scholarly information on the subject of antisemitism, conceived as broadly as possible. Without chronological or disciplinary limitations, H-Antisemitism seeks to enable scholars to communicate research and teaching interests, discuss methodology, comment upon current historiography, and share information about new data, sources of funding, and publishing.

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H-Ethnic Discussion Group

H-Ethnic is an international electronic discussion group focused on scholarly topics in ethnicity, race relations and immigration history, concentrating largely on North America. We publish news and announcements, and encourage debates on interdisciplinary themes. We run regular news updates on Washington developments. H-Ethnic is affiliated with H-Net, an independent, international consortium of scholars sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities and Michigan State University where it is located.

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The H-PolMeth discussion list is intended to provide a forum for discussion of political methodology and topics of interest to the members of the Political Methodology section of the American Political Science Association. Thus it is used for announcements of conferences, to circulate abstracts, and to discuss issues relating to political methodology. The list is part of an APSA/H-Net joint project in developing communications networks among scholars in political science and other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences

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This discussion list is dedicated to the discussion of issues regarding political science teaching in post-secondary settings. The list is part of H-net and it is co-sponsored by the American Political Science Association Organized Sections on Computers and Multimedia and Undergraduate Education.

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