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Polling & Survey Tools

Here are the 8 resources from Polling & Survey Tools.

DEMOS [Delphi Mediation Online System]

DEMOS (Delphi Online Mediation System) is a complex application available on Wornex's WorldDirector platform that provides an environment that assists the management of discussions and decision making through the web, especially when involving a large population (e.g., a community using the web to debate about city issues) or small groups of experts.

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FacilitatePro turns your web browser into a collaborative meeting place that facilitates group problem solving and decision making. FacilitatePro web meeting software helps facilitators and team leaders run high performance meetings by delivering tools and techniques to support innovative thinking and decision making. FacilitatePro provides online tools for surveys, brainstorming, categorizing, prioritizing, custom voting and polling, alternative analysis, action planning and reporting. Explore their live software demo site or call for a hands-on guided tour.

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A free polling tool for single-question, multiple-answer online polls.

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Founded in 1995, LearningWare develops and markets educational computerized gameshow, quiz, and survey templates. Customizable for any topic, its products are designed to improve retention, enliven presentations and create a fun, risk-free learning environment. The company's products are used by more than 4,000 organizations around the world and may be purchased via GSA Advantage!, Contract # GS 02F-0122N.

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Online Deliberative Polling

Online Deliberative Polling is an extension of a well-established methodology (Deliberative Polling, created by James Fishkin) that measures opinion change within a random scientific sample of the public. Central to this methodology is an opportunity to discuss the issues with fellow citizens and question a panel of leading experts. The first experiment in Online Deliberation Polling took place January 2003 as a prominent part of MacNeil/Lehrer Productions' By the People project.

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Option Technologies, Inc. Highly Recommended

Option Technologies provides interactive tools that improve group collaboration and decision-making in either face-to-face or multi-site meetings. Ideal for immediate assessment or rating lists of brainstormed ideas 'on-the-fly,' OTI's OptionFinder technology polls meeting participants who then respond from their pocket PC, computer, or wireless keypad. OTI's facilitator-friendly solutions include easy-to-use, PowerPoint-based software and portable, cost-effective response keypad options. AmericaSpeaks uses Option Technologies for the keypads each participant uses during their 21st Century Town Meetings.

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Structured Dialogic Design (SDD)

Structured Dialogic Design (SDD) is the dialogue and decision-making methodology used by the Institute for 21st Century Agoras and others in their “co-laboratories of democracy.” Laboratories of Dialogue – Co-Laboratories – enable people to listen to each other on issues of common concern, going beyond what they think is important, to find the deep drivers that dynamically influence their situation. Armed with the knowledge of what is really driving their situation, they devise action plans with enthusiasm and commit to working together in carrying them out. Highly Recommended

Powerful yet simple tools for designing online surveys, collecting responses and analyzing the results. Both 'basic' (free) and 'professional' (pretty affordable) subscriptions available.

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