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A Blog (or weblog) is a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically. As of 7/07 a good comparison of blog software can be found at

Here are the 23 resources from Blogs.

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A. Fine Blog

Social media tools are enhancing our connectedness to one another. Alison Fine's blog focuses on how this connectedness affects our ability and willingness to work for the collective social good.

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AI Annotations

AI Annotations is a place to create a conversation Ė an exchange of ideas and practices - among the co-owners of Appreciative Inquiry Consulting and with others who are on the journey of exploration and collective understanding of Appreciative Inquiry. Loretta Donovan, Roberta Peirick, Loretta Randolph, Tony Silbert and Sandy Wells make up the AI Annotations blog team as of 5/07.

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Beth's Blog

In Beth's Blog, Beth Kanter writes about the effective use of technology and social media for grassroots nonprofit organizations and causes. The site includes how-tos in text, video, screencasts, and photos. Beth is a nonprofit technology consultant who works on the human side of technology, focusing on evaluation, planning, assessment, training, and curriculum development. Beth served on the 2006 NCDD conference Tech Team.

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Center for Restorative Practice

The purpose of the Center for Restorative Practice is to develop, implement and study collaborative and restorative processes for use by families, communities and organizations in the service of social justice.

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Change Management Blog

This blog, hosted by Holger Nauheimer from Germany, is for change management facilitators and anyone interested in the subject. The concept of change management describes a structured approach to transitions in individuals, teams, organizations and societies that moves the target from a current state to a desired state.

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CitizenPost Highly Recommended

In the summer of 2006, the Case Foundation published Cynthia Gibson's groundbreaking paper "Citizens at the Center: A New Approach to Civic Engagement." The publication generated much discussion and debate, and this blog was created to allow the conversation to continue. Focused on all things "citizen-centered" (a term which includes not only citizens, but also those who aspire to be citizens, including immigrants), the blog attempts to dig down into how we can make civic engagement, civic discourse, political involvement, volunteering, and other good practices part and parcel of everyday life rather than something people do in their spare time or occasionally.

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Civic Minded blog Highly Recommended

Catch up on the latest in online politics and democracy with the Corante blogging network's Civic Minded group blog. Civic Minded is a guide to the political impact of the Internet, looking at issues ranging from online organizing and campaigning to the big picture of how new technology is changing democratic communities.

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Conversation as a Co-Evolutionary Force (the World Cafe blog)

The World Cafe's blog provides a space for people to speak to each other in their authentic voices. Across the diversity of language, culture and geography, this is a place where we can ask the questions that truly matter to us and listen for the patterns that emerge in response.

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Launched in September 2007, The Study Circles Resource Center's blog is a place where community organizers and public officials can connect online to share news, views, and ideas. Those who have used Study Circles can use DemocracySpace as a place to post reports of your work, and everyone can use the blog to learn more about how people are using community engagement to create positive change? Stop here for news nuggets from across North America and around the world.

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Designing for Civil Society

David Wilcox's blog on technology, engagement, and governance was started at a workshop on Designing for Civil Society in September 2003.

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DO-WIRE (email announcement list)

DO-WIRE is a source for what's important and happening with the convergence of democracy and the Internet around the world. DO-WIRE is a free, low volume, moderated blog and e-mail announcement list. Launched in January 1998, DoWire connects thousands of experts, practitioners, journalists, and citizens across nearly 100 countries. Democracy Online covers politics online, new media, e-governance, online advocacy and activism, citizen e-participation and related topics.

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International Civic Engagement blog

The International Civic Engagement blog highlights initiatives from across the globe that improve civic engagement. The blog reflects the philosophy of its publisher, Erik Bergrud, that much can be learned not only within developed countries but also within the developing world. Bergrud, who plays an active role in the United Nations Online Network in Public Administration and Finance (UNPAN) and edits UNPANís newsletter, posts a significant number of entries on the work of UN agencies and on how institutions of higher education have embraced civic engagement. The blog also reflects Bergrudís interest in e-government and online citizen participation.

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London-based Involve believes that meeting the greatest challenges of the age will depend on bulding adaptable and flexible institutions while giving more power to ordinary people. Involve focuses on the practicalities of making this happen. They undertake four core activities: Advocacy - making the case for genuine citizen empowerment; New thinking - improving understanding of what works; Better practice - supporting institutions and citizens; Networking - bringing members of the participation and empowerment field together.

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Libraries Foster Civic Engagement Blog

American Library Association members Nancy Kranich, Taylor Willingham, and Michele Reid established an ALA Membership Initiative Group for librarians interested in Fostering Civic Engagement. This group, formed in 2004, includes librarians from all types of libraries who are eager to learn about and share their experiences with facilitating deliberative public forums and fostering civic engagement in their communities.

Resource Link: is web portal and blog that explores activism on behalf of the commons in all its variety. The commons is a powerful organizing principle for understanding countless aspects of nature, creativity and knowledge, local community and everyday experience. One of the great problems of our time, however, is the enclosure of the commons by market forces, often with the support of government. The majesty of the commons is being neglected. The purpose of this site is to explore the value of diverse commons, probe their distinctive dynamics and re-invent mechanisms for strengthening them.

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Otherwise Engaged

Alexandra Samuel's blog is every blogger's guide to citizen engagement and every citizen's guide to blogging. Alexandra is a consultant, researcher and writer specializing in online dialogue and electronic democracy.

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P2 Software and Technology blog

Beth Offenbacker's blog highlights the use of technology for public participation/public involvement and decisionmaking purposes. Learn about existing tools, reports, emerging trends and a range of other resources on this subject.

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Parking Lot Blog

Chris Corrigan is a process facilitator, a specialist in Open Space Technology, and an active and public learner. His blog is about living in Open Space. It's about noticing what's alive in the world that informs a life long practice of invitation, conversation and facilitation. And it's about putting it out there for others to share.

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Peter Levine's Blog

Peter Levine is Director of CIRCLE, The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement ( CIRCLE conducts and funds research on young people's civic education and participation. Levine is also a Research Scholar at the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy in the University of Marylandís School of Public Policy. He is chair of the executive committee of the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools and a member of the executive committee of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium. Levine's blog primarily covers topics related to youth civic engagement and deliberative democracy.

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Public Issue Forums of Southwest Missouri

David Burton's blog focuses on the online deliberation of topics relevant to public issue forums in southwest Missouri.

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