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AmericaSpeaks Highly Recommended


Promoting the founding belief that every citizen has a right to impact the decisions of government, AmericaSpeaks serves as a neutral convener of large-scale public participation forums. Through close consultation with leaders, citizens, the media and others, AmericaSpeaks designs and facilitates deliberative meetings for 500 to 5,000 participants. Its partners have included regional planning groups, local, state, and national government bodies, and national organizations. Issues have ranged from Social Security reform to redevelopment of ground zero in New York.

AmericaSpeaks' 21st Century Town Meetings enable the general public to give those in leadership positions direct, substantive feedback on key issues. Each meeting engages hundreds or thousands of general interest citizens at a time, utilizing innovative technology to effectively and quickly summarize citizen input. These all-day meetings bring large groups of people together in one room (or multiple networked rooms) to deliberate at small tables. Participation is generally open to the public, although organizers recruit heavily to ensure a diverse, representative group.
Contact Information:

Carolyn Lukensmeyer, President, info{at}, 202-775-3939

1050 17th Street, NW, Suite 701, Washington, DC 20036

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