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Roundtable, Inc.


Roundtable, Inc. is a production company that focuses on building social capital. Roundtable produces public engagement projects in several media (television, radio, web, print, books) and partners with other production companies to help increase the impact of their work. They form regional coalitions for each project and provide online training for facilitators.

Roundtable produces nationally broadcast documentaries and works with companies, institutions and independent producers to create, implement and manage communication campaigns on important social issues. Roundtable campaigns include a series of events that build bridges across ideological, ethnic, racial and income divides and create opportunities for local action. At the heart of our work is the idea that high-quality media is a powerful catalyst for helping communities address important social issues locally.

Documentary Films
In 2004, Roundtable produced The College Track: America's Sorting Machine. Presented to public television by WETA in Washington, D.C., the series has been broadcast more than 900 times across the country.

In addition to films on education and educational equity, Roundtable is currently developing documentary projects on the coming crisis in nursing.

At Roundtable, we tailor our educational materials to a variety of audiences, media, and technologies. National organizations and local community groups have used our print, video, multimedia, and online resources to engage and inform the public on important social issues. The materials we create are designed to guide event organizers and leaders through the process of public engagement every step of the way.

Strategic Engagement Campaigns
At Roundtable, we believe that social issues are best addressed in a social context. Although our campaigns are national in scope, we convene our meetings at the local level. We design our multimedia materials so that local coalitions can easily adapt them to local concerns.

Through strategic partnerships with more than 500 national and local organizations and our national network of leaders and nearly 1,000 host communities, we launch and coordinate thoughtful deliberation nationwide. Using our customized multimedia tools - our documentaries, discussion videos, Web sites, step-by-step planning guides and topic guides, and our training and technical support - we bring citizens together to connect, reflect and act.

Roundtable works with other media production companies and institutions to design, implement and manage strategies for using media as a catalyst for substantial and measurable change. We have conducted research and developed and implemented strategic media campaigns for many client organizations and companies.

Contact Information:

info{at}, 781-893-3336

8 Common Street, Waltham, MA 02451

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