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Alchemy Consulting LLC Highly Recommended


We are process experts who help teams around the world unleash their creativity to solve today's complex business issues. Alchemy gives you a system that works -- graphic recording, strategic illustration, process innovation, organizational strategy, leadership development -- leading you and your business to sustainable success. The Alchemy team, which provided their top-knotch graphic recording services at the 2004 NCDD conference in Denver, consists of Chris Chopyak, Patti Dobrowolski and Lois Todd.

Organizations from corporate to enterprise, non-profit to government are employing a little know technique to help reinvent, reinvigorate and expand their businesses in a visual way. The method is called "graphic recording" or "strategic illustration" and it streamlines how people and process work together to visually capture an organization's growth and expansion strategy. Alchemy's graphic facilitation and strategic illustration have helped hundreds of organizations just like yours.

Alchemy can help your organizations connect with strategic business processes that grow profits and maintain relevance in the marketplace.

The photo on this page shows one of the murals Alchemy created at NCDD's 2004 conference.

You Can Be An Alchemist... It's Easy

The Alchemist Toolkit can take you and your performance to the next level. Regardless of who you are or what your industry is, you can use an Alchemist Toolkit to create a useful, dynamic planning process that produces winning results! The toolkit employs a step-by-step process and big graphic wall map to capture your innovative thinking and goals. Engage stakeholders and bring ideas, vision and action plans to reality.

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2546 15th Street, Denver, CO 80211

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