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In 2001, Lance Decker and Theresa Gunn decided that intervening in community-based problems didn't give any long-term relief to clients, so they created ICI, a limited liability corporation. ICI's training, education and research programs focus on the fundamentals of community involvement that can get policy-makers and public managers out of the reactive "swamp" and on to "dry land" through anticipatory planning and problem resolution.

What is ICI?

We created ICI when we realized that people need a place to learn how to do community involvement properly. We asked the questions: Why should people have to hire a consultant every time the group faces a sticky or complex challenge? Worse yet, why waste valuable time wrestling with tense personal dynamics when there are methods you can learn to help you through the interpersonal maze?

ICI supports groups of all types and sizes in their efforts to plan collaboratively for a better future. We train staff and volunteers of boards and commissions. We teach leaders (and would-be leaders) strategies and techniques proven to improve the way their organizations work.

ICI is staffed by experts in community involvement, training, meeting facilitation, and strategic planning who can help your group learn to do this stuff itself. We also can help you conduct community-based research, design and implement community involvement processes, and mediate community disputes.

Contact Information:

info{at}, 602-441-5185

5135 North 41st Place, Phoenix, AZ 85018

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