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Creating Community From Chaos: A Guide to Community Involvement new

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Lance Decker. Institute for Community Involvement, 2007.


Involving the public in the decisions that affect them is not only the right thing to do, it is the law! Creating Community From Chaos offers public officials, urban planners, administrators, and community volunteers the hands-on skills and tools they need to build community capacity, solve community problems, and create community partnerships.

Between these covers you will find:
  • A basic orientation to the history, philosophy, and theory of community involvement
  • A five-stage, step-by-step model for community involvement
  • Strategies for collecting and analyzing community information
  • Methods and tools for managing meetings and public events
  • Techniques for mediating the inevitable conflicts and disputes that arise between public officials and citizens of the community
  • A community involvement strategy and program design
  • A plan for community involvement deployment
  • A discussion of local capacity building for community involvement
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