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Centre for World Dialogue


Established in 1995, the Cyprus-based Centre for World Dialogue is an international NGO that exists to promote greater understanding between the peoples of the world. The Centre has hosted conferences, seminars and meetings in Cyprus and elsewhere on issues of international concern and publishes a quarterly journal called Global Dialogue, which promotes the exchange of ideas on a broad range of international issues. Subscriptions to the journal, which aims to encourage debate as an alternative to violence, are $60/year for individuals and $92/year for institutions.

The Centre?s work is co-ordinated across a number of key areas:

  • Organisation of two or three major conferences a year on a wide range of international topics. 
  • Publication of the quarterly journal Global Dialogue, presenting the latest thinking by academics and experts worldwide. 
  • Provision of a reference library and research facility at the Centre?s offices in Nicosia.
  • Co-ordination of occasional meetings between prominent figures and community leaders.

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