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Please briefly describe your ?‘place?’ in the dialogue field. (Example: I have facilitated a dialogue group at my church for the past 3 years.) Please also specify if you are affiliated with a major dialogue organization.

Would you be interested in attending a gathering of leaders and practitioners of intergroup dialogue in or near Washington, DC?


depends on:

What would you hope to get out of the event?

Please indicate whether the following outcomes are very important to you, somewhat important to you, or not important to you. Use the blank space at the end to add outcomes that you would hope for that aren?’t listed.

1. Networking with others in the dialogue field.
Very Somewhat Not Important

2. Improving your skills as a facilitator.
Very Somewhat Not Important

3. Improving your skills as a dialogue organizer.
Very Somewhat Not Important

4. Learning about what?’s new in the field (new strategies and methods, new organizations, new research, etc.).
Very Somewhat Not Important

5. Learning about other dialogue methods.
Very Somewhat Not Important

6. Learning about proven strategies for problems you've experienced.
Very Somewhat Not Important

7. Strategizing and beginning to work with other dialogue leaders to solve common problems and promote dialogue?—both regionally and nationally.
Very Somewhat Not Important

8. Being energized and motivated to continue your work and expand on it.
Very Somewhat Not Important

9. Sharing your own strategies and experiences with others in the field.
Very Somewhat Not Important

10. Working to make the dialogue field more cohesive by developing a national network of practitioners.
Very Somewhat Not Important

11. Feeling as if you are a part of an actual ?‘field?’?—or even a ?‘movement.?’
Very Somewhat Not Important

12. Gaining recognition in the intergroup dialogue field.
Very Somewhat Not Important

13. Meeting and becoming acquainted with the top leaders in the intergroup dialogue field.
Very Somewhat Not Important

Other / Comments:

Would you or your organization be interested in helping to sponsor the event? If so, please elaborate.

Please include contact info below.

Sorry, but no.

Would you be interested in helping to organize the event?

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