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PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2005 7:05 am    Post subject: Uniter and Not a Divider Reply with quote       

It appears to me that our educational system has, in its efforts for efficiency, created some serious problems. Our drive for efficiency has denigrated the natural human faculties of curiosity and imagination while creating a universal and undeviating conformity of mind as to the matter as important as education.

The lose of imagination and curiosity seems obvious. However, the universal uniformity of experience regarding the nature of education makes it extremely difficult to engage any mental examination of other forms of education.

It seems to me that we learn primarily by association, by metaphor. If we all experience exactly one and only one education then anything alien to that form is very difficult to comprehend even though the matter is simple and without any complexity.

I have been trying to acquaint members with a different form of education and I find that very few people seem to understand my suggestion. It is not because the suggestion is complex it is because everyone immediately makes the only metaphor available in the matter of education and thus assumes they understand what I am saying and mentally walk away without any further thought.

When I suggest that the reader does not understand my meaning the reader is immediately offended because of an assumed insult to their IQ and the reader feels the necessity to ignore the matter or to fight to the death against the idea that is insulting their intelligence.

Because imagination and curiosity has been so decimated by our system it is difficult for people to seek understanding by engaging these two human faculties.

I am not a teacher or any kind of expert on these matters but this is my conclusion after many months of attempting to promote an idea. If it were possible I would like to engage a dialogue here and now about this subject.

I am a uniter and not a divider; I seek only dialogue and not dueling pistols.

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