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Gardeners of Peace Call on Saturday, Sept. 29    

Gilles Asselin wrote to NCDD to tell us about his new “Gardeners of Peace” initiative. Gardeners of Peace came out of his life as a result of my many years of ‘inner gardening’ practice and seeking the ‘right way’ to contribute to the world we are living in, and to respond to crises on many levels. He writes, “The two elements of Gardeners of Peace - gardening and peace - appealed to me for two reasons. Whatever it means to each of us, “gardening our self” is a journey that requires effort, discipline and care. It doesn’t come easily and needs to be nurtured regularly. In addition, I believe there can’t be peace in the world unless there is first peace in our hearts. That’s where peace starts and that’s where it grows to reach out to other people and areas of our environment.”

As part of this exploration, Gilles is proposing a conference call to reflect on meaning and purpose, this Saturday, Sept. 29th 12 noon EST. The conversation will consider:

  • What draws people to the Gardeners of Peace invitation?
  • What does it mean to be a human being, and what responsibilities does it entail?
  • How can we acknowledge and honor our human beingness, individually and collectively?
  • How can we respond to the local and global crises that we are facing through the work we do, and inspire one another in the process?
  • How do we widen our network of Gardeners of Peace?

Please see the full text of the conference call invitation at:

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