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Advocacy for Advocates Training Program Coming Up in November    

The Ark Foundation in Ghana, an advocacy-based human rights organization that focuses on women and children’s rights protection, is organizing a 2 - Day “Advocacy for Advocates Training Program” in Ghana. The program is designed to help participants sharpen their knowledge and skills on advocacy and lobbying strategies that can be used to promote their social justice causes and influence public policy. The program, scheduled to take place on Tuesday 13th – Wednesday 14th November 2007 from 9:00am – 5:00 pm each day, is intended for human rights advocates, activists, community activists and leaders, peace advocates, social justice advocates and all persons who are interested in advocacy for social justice and development, human rights and other causes.

The program is open to individuals and organizations. If you are interested, please contact Petra or Esinam on 021-511610 / 024 4410309 or through the email address: [email protected]. I’ve attached an application form to this post. Organizations / individuals should hand in the requested information by Friday 19th October 2007, through fax number 021 – 511382 or e-mail at the address above.

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