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Wise Democracy Forum Meets Nov. 17 in Oakland, CA    

On Saturday, Nov. 17th, all are invited to join Claudia Miller (Center for Wise Democratic Processes), Laura Wells (Grand Lake Neighborhood Center) and Sally Sommer (East Bay Mediation Center) for a launch of the Wise Democracy Forum in Oakland, CA. This forum is designed to explore and plan for a this innovative way to increase participation democracy. The results in other communities and schools have been surprising for the creativity and innovation that occurred in these facilitated dialogs about issues that are meaningful to them.

The Wise Democracy process involves a group of ordinary folks who get together with time and good facilitation and no pre-set agenda. They talk about what’s really important to them in their community. In this council, as they listen to each others’ issues and concerns, they come up with a statement they all agree on, and present the statement to the broader community, including public officials, media, and then the dialogue continues. It’s a way people can become more empowered, and public engagement in our democracy can grow.

This Wise Democracy Forum meets from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm at 6501 Telegraph Ave, in Oakland, CA. For more information or to RSVP, contact (510) 435-2327 or [email protected]. Check back at, for the group’s soon-to-be-created website.

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