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Unity08 Launches “Have you seen My Country?” Campaign    

Unity08 (, a non partisan group that aims to change the way American politics is run, has started a campaign titled, “Have you seen My Country?” They’re inviting people to join them as to try to find it.To explain the campaign, Unity08 co-founder Doug Bailey writes,

“We’ve lost our country to politics-as-usual. We’ve lost our country to special interests and polarization. We’ve lost our country and no longer have a system in place to deal with the crucial issues that are facing us. When you’ve lost something that is special to you, what do you do? Most of us start a search and enlist as many others to help as we can. We may even create flyers that are posted around town to let others know about what we have lost.So, we’ve created a flyer written by Lady Liberty to enlist others for her search to find My Country.

This week, let’s get these flyers out into the real world by posting them at coffee shops, grocery stores, schools, laundromats, and other venues that you think may help others begin the search to find My Country. You may also consider handing them out to people on the street by asking them, “Have you seen My Country?”

While you are out posting them or handing them out, take a few pictures of the flyers, then tell us your story about where you posted them. The first 50 members that send us an email ([email protected]) with picture of a flyer and a story about where it was posted will get a free T-shirt. You can print the flyer by visiting the web page that we have created for My Country:”

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