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IJP2 Call for Papers - Special Obama Issue    

Here’s an important announcement from NCDD member Steve Pyser, who is the Editor of IAP2’s online journal, the International Journal of Public Participation (IJP2).

Call for Papers - International Journal of Public Participation (IJP2) – Special Symposium Issue (January 2010)

The International Journal of Public Participation (IJP2) brings together academicians and practitioners interested in a multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of information among researchers, practitioners, decision-makers, and citizens about public participation and its impact around the world.  It has been created with the specific intention of bridging the arenas of research and practice within the field of public participation.

Beginning with the presidential campaign, moving to the transition period, and once in office, the Obama team has sought to alter the relationship between American citizens and their government.  IJP2 is interested in learning and sharing the perspectives of all stakeholders about the Obama Administration’s public engagement efforts and invites both scholars and practitioners to respond to our inquiry.

IJP2 will publish in its January 2010 issue a set of essays of 3000 to 5000 words, from both scholar and practitioner perspectives.  We seek manuscripts reflecting all voices and diverse political viewpoints from our worldwide readership.  Submitted essays can address one of the following questions, or authors may choose a different question or set of questions to address. Case studies, experiences, and conclusions based on data are welcome.

All essays will be blind peer reviewed by a panel of reviewers; all submissions will be judged as suitable for publication based on the relevance of the topic, quality of writing, and originality of ideas presented. Submission of essays does not guarantee publication.

Authors can choose to address any of the following questions:

  1. Should the Administration’s public engagement efforts be judged a preliminary success? If so, why? If not, why not?  Comment on contributions of these efforts to date as well as potential opportunities.
  2. What should the Administration do next in its public engagement efforts? What goals should the Administration pursue?
  3. Is the Administration changing the expectations of what it means to be a citizen of the United States by asking citizens to engage in new ways? If so, is the change sustainable? What needs to happen to make the change sustainable?
  4. What lessons might the Administration learn from national level governments elsewhere in the world for engagement of the citizenry?
  5. What are the likely pragmatic political and/or governance implications of the new forms of citizen engagement being tested by the Obama Administration?

Submitting a manuscript is a representation by the author certifying the material is not copyrighted and not currently under review for any refereed journal or conference proceedings. If the paper (or any version or part thereof) has appeared, or will appear, in another publication of any kind, the details of such publication shall be disclosed to the editors at the time of submission.

Important Dates

Manuscripts will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Early submissions ahead of the deadlines are strongly encouraged.

  • Abstracts and expression of interest: July 30, 2009
  • First draft submission: September 1, 2009
  • Notice of review outcome: October 1, 2009
  • Final revised article due:  November 7, 2009

Abstract Submission

Abstracts should include, in an attached document, the proposed primary author’s or authors’ name(s), title, e-mail address, telephone number and affiliation. The abstract should state clearly (1) the main purpose of the paper and whether you are taking an academic or practitioner approach, (2) identify the questions selected to be explored in the proposed essay, (3) if taking a scholarly perspective a research summary that includes research hypotheses or research questions, methodology, sample, findings, and tentative conclusions, and (4) the intended contribution of the paper to knowledge and practice in the study of public participation or related fields.

Prospective authors are encouraged to contact the editors about the appropriateness of their submission.  Submit your abstract of no more than 750 words to Associate Editor, Dr. Thomas Bryer at [email protected] with a courtesy copy to IJP2 Editor, Steven N. Pyser, J.D. at [email protected]. Please identify your submission with the keyword: OBAMA OPEN GOVERNMENT in the subject line of the email.

If the abstract is accepted, the first draft of article will need to be submitted to the editors by September 1, 2009.

Article Submission

Final revised articles shall be sent by November 7, 2009, and should be submitted to the editors.

Please send submissions via email as an attachment of a single file that includes all images and figures and edited to conform to the APA writing style. The preferred format is MS Word for Windows. All manuscripts should apply APA style headings to aid with organization and understanding of the submission. Write authors’ affiliation and contact information on the cover page.

For additional guidance, kindly review Author Instructions at

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