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November 02, 2001

Well, I thought I might share some Thataway numbers.

Let me start by impressing you. saw 155,762 hits from October 2000 to October 2001. Wow! OK, now comes the truth that this number is very deceptive since it includes thousands of useless hits for file transfers and useful visits (but meaningless from a counting standpoint) from search engine robots.

More telling is our views number, 21,169, for the same period. This number gives us an idea of how many times our pages have been visited though it doesn't take into account multiple visits on the same day from an individual server. (If two people logged on to Thataway from the same network on the same day, they would be counted as one.) Recent numbers indicate that we have had multiple visits from individual servers making the number of views slightly, though not drastically higher.

This number and the sessions number tells us that we have seen a comfortable 25,000 visits in our first year. Looking more specifically at the past few months when our content has become much more diverse, we've seen an average 2,500 views per month with a max of 4,506 views this past October (and with 2,523 sessions from 625 unique referring urls this indicates some nice return traffic and regular click through).

A more telling number from October 2001 comes from examining which sections of the site gets the most hits. The Dialogue's Community Page gets the most direct publicity with a mailing of 1300 notices each month, but the Dialogue's Resource Section (not regularly publicized) gets three times the visitors. People are using this site!

Now a little history to help understand our growth. Thataway first went online in August 2000 and we finished switching our site from and first really publicized the site in October 2000. In March 2001, we finished adding to our site, completing a project that expanded the site to three times its maximum size at (including adding the Community Page). In July 2001, we began adding additional features beyond our own work, the most active example was the Dialogue on Dialogue Survey which gave us our busiest month yet in October 2001.

Here's some raw data to show a progression of our growth:

October 2000 saw 2,928 hits, 223 views & 44* sessions.
March 2001 saw 11,565 hits, 2,085 views & 698 sessions.
July 2001 saw 13,318 hits, 2,733 views & 1217** sessions.
October 2001 saw 41,788 hits, 4,506 views & 2523 sessions.
*does not include numbers from old site
**although hits don't grow drastically, sessions nearly double in 4 months


- Andy

October 09, 2001

Happy Birthday, Colby Ryan Tennyson! Our little nephew turns "one whole year" old today!

- Sandy & Andy

October 05, 2001:

Well, our information page is finally up and working properly after a handful of false starts. It goes online alongside a new front page which now includes tabs which will allow visitors to search both our site and the Internet. More was meant to be done in September, but we dealt with a lot here as, I guess, we all have. This month's Community Page in the Dialogue section will focuses on the response of the dialogue community to the Sept. 11 tragedy. It should be online by the 8th.

- Andy

General Information About

This website is the blood, sweat and tears of Sandy Heierbacher and Andy Fluke to highlight their work in intercultural communication and design, respectively. first went online in August of 2000, though the material presented here has been online at different locations since early 1998 when the first version of the Dialogue To Action Initiative website went online.

Why Thataway? If you have ever tried to come up with an available domain name to cover several different activities you probably don't need to ask. We went through a bunch before settling on Thataway, a name we took from one of Andy's books. "Thataway" is one of those places you're always trying to get to but never quite reach, which is sorta what the web is all about, or at least seems to be sometimes.

As this page evolves, more information will be added.

- Sandy & Andy

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