Thinking About Joining NCDD?

A snapshot from NCDD's 2002 conference.

Joining NCDD is free, but it is not free from responsibility. You are joining a group of organizations and individuals who are committed to strengthening and uniting the growing dialogue & deliberation community, and we ask that you show your commitment to this important goal in some way.

Follow these links to find out more about NCDD membership, and please complete the brief form at the bottom of this page if you decide that you'd like to become a member of NCDD. We'd love to have you!

Learn more about our members!

You can search our new members database, or look over a complete but abbreviated list of members, to get a better idea of who makes up our organization.

Who should join the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation?

Do you believe that diverse groups of citizens can make better decisions than politicians and special interest groups? Do you believe in the power of dialogue, of conversation, of listening, of speaking from the heart? Do you believe that citizens should have more of an impact on decision-making in our democracy? Do you believe that the processes of dialogue and deliberation have a vital role to play in the growth and transformation of our communities? And have such beliefs shaped your life, your actions, your work?

Whether you are a dialogue facilitator, a deliberation scholar, an activist working for increased citizen engagement, an artist whose work inspires citizens to talk openly about difficult issues, a student just beginning to explore the potential of these processes, or the director of an organization that fosters dialogue, we encourage you to join the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation.

NCDD emerged in October 2002 from the first National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation. The conference brought together practitioners and scholars from across the entire spectrum of D&D practice for the first time, and we are committed to continuing to foster collaboration and build understanding and cohesion in the field. Many of NCDD's members attended that 2002 conference, but many others who weren't able to attend are now active members as well.

If you are interested in working with others to strengthen & unite the dialogue and deliberation community; if you are interested in developing stronger relationships with your colleagues in the field; if you are interested in both giving and receiving knowledge, information and resources that can help us to collectively make a bigger impact in our communities, we invite you to become a member of NCDD.

What do individuals and organizations gain from joining the Coalition?

Visit our Members section for more detailed information about the various opportunities NCDD members can advantage of.

What is required of NCDD members?

Individuals, organizations and networks that join the Coalition are pledging their commitment to strengthening and uniting the dialogue and deliberation field.

All Coalition members are asked to do the following:

Before joining, think about what you and/or your organization are able to offer to the Coalition.

Can organizations or individuals from outside of the U.S. join NCDD?

People who are based outside of the U.S. are encouraged to join the Coalition. Your membership will be no different from the U.S.-based members of NCDD.

Some people have expressed concern that we are limiting ourselves - and leaving out important practitioners, organizations, scholars and activists - by calling ourselves a “national” coalition. We share this concern, but feel that it is important for us to establish ourselves within the U.S. first, before striving to be - or claiming to be - an international organization.

We value and welcome international members and partners, and hope that we will be in the position to change our name and our scope in the future.

How to join NCDD

Use the form below to submit your request for membership. You'll hear from us soon!

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Please indicate whether you would like to join NCDD as an individual or organization. There is no difference in membership - this is just a matter of whether you are representing yourself or an organization.

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What do you envision yourself or your organization contributing to NCDD (see ideas above)?

What do you hope to gain from becoming a part of NCDD?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, and for your commitment to strengthening the growing dialogue and deliberation community!

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We hope you join us in our efforts to strengthen the growing dialogue and deliberation community!

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