Copyright Info

This site is made up of both found and original material. As the purpose of much of this site is to collect and share resources, we strive to include with every resource a link or reference acknowledging the source and in many cases the author of the resource. Copyrights to these third party resources rest solely in the hands of the source or the original author. Questions concerning the use of this third party material should be directed to the source or original author.

If you find any material that you feel has been used or presented improperly, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to change it to suit your needs or remove it entirely.

Material prepared specifically for the NCDD website should be considered either ©2004 by the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (for all material concerning the NCDD directly) or ©1997-2004 by Sandy Heierbacher (for material written by Sandy Heierbacher for a variety of projects).

We respectfully ask that you contact us for permission before using any material prepared specifically for this site. Requests may be directed to NCDD's Convenor, Sandy Heierbacher ([email protected]).


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